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Top e-cigarette rankings to follow

Are you looking for a brand new pod vape system or a vape mod? Or maybe you want to find some of the tastiest and most appetizing e-juices on the market? At Vape Royalty, we are aware that the vape industry rapidly continues to introduce fresh and interesting products that users can’t wait to try for themselves. But you can’t buy everything, right? That is why we have prepared helpful vape rankings which will allow you to choose the best-suited items. We’ll do the heavy lifting and introduce to you only amazing products that are worth your attention and money.

The Top 5 Best Disposable Vapes of 2024

Geek Bar Pulse

In a world where convenience and quality often go hand in hand, the vaping industry has seen an explosive rise in the popularity of disposable vapes. They offer a hassle-free experience without the need for refilling or recharging, making them an excellent choice for both new and seasoned vapers. As we stride into 2024, let’s […]

The New EB Designs BC5000

The New EB Designs BC5000 Disposable Vape

The EB Designs BC5000 is a new addition to the world of vaping. It is a sleek and stylish device that offers a range of features and benefits for both novice and experienced vapers alike. The BC5000 is an all-in-one device that combines a powerful battery, a high-quality tank, and advanced features like adjustable wattage […]

5 best pod vape systems. Which one will be the best choice?

best pod vape systems

It seems like pod systems are taking the vaping community by the storm. No wonder! These versatile devices are super discreet and portable, which means users can take them anywhere and enjoy vaping throughout the day. They are easy to use, making them a perfect entry-point for the vaping newcomers. Of course, they also come […]

Explore the most popular vape juice brands!

most popular vape juice brands

E-juices are one of the most crucial components of the vaping experience, and it is no surprise that customers around the world are looking for brands that can offer them the best products. Most users want to find companies that stand out thanks to the high quality ingredients, innovative blends, and truly exceptional taste of […]