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Vaping tips and essentials every beginner needs

Are you planning to start your vaping journey? Or maybe you want to switch from traditional cigarettes? Regardless of the reason for your interest in the vaping community, we’re happy you’re here! If you’ve finally decided to enter the world of vaping, then there are some things you need to learn before you can fully enjoy the experience and be able to choose the right products. Fortunately, we have prepared all the vaping tips for beginners you will ever need to feel confident in purchasing devices and e-liquid suited to your preferences. Read on and learn!

What is the difference between pod systems and vape mods?

Difference between pod and mod vape

The vaping industry keeps rapidly growing and introducing new exciting products. No wonder that at times it may be confusing, both for the newcomers as well as vaping veterans. Innovation seems to be focused especially on all of the vaping devices entering the market nowadays. One of the most pressing questions among the vapers is […]

How to clean a vaporizer and why you should do this?

how to clean a vaporizer

We all know that wonderful feeling when we first use our new device and enjoy great performance, clear flavour and smooth vaping experience. But, more often than not, as time passes, the vaporizer tends to lose some of its efficiency. That is why, if you want to ensure optimal performance of the vaporizer, you should […]

A beginner’s guide to vaping

Eeverything you need to know about vaping. Guide for beginners

Are you interested in starting your vaping journey? Do you want to learn about the basics of vaping devices and e-liquids for beginners? If you are reading this article, then probably the answer is a resounding yes. Great! Let’s get started. What is vaping? We should start from the very top and focus on vaping […]

4 vape essentials. What do you need for a vape?

Vvape essentials and basics

So, the time has finally come, and you’ve decided to give vaping a try! Great! We know that the world of vaping may be confusing at the beginning and you may not know much about e-liquids, box mods, sub-ohm tanks or other products. But don’t worry – we will introduce you to all of the […]

Is vaping better than smoking?

vaping smoking

During the 21st century vaporizing took the world by storm, quickly inspiring many people to change their habits and focus on vaping instead of smoking. But why is vaporizing better than smoking? Let’s find out the main reasons! The negative health effects of smoking First, let’s focus on smoking itself and why it is universally […]

How vape coils work?

Vape coils

Tanks, coils, batteries, atomizers, cartridges – vape devices are built from many essential parts that can get confusing at first. However, beginner vapers should know that one of the most vital elements of each vaporizer are vape coils. They take the fundamental part in creating the vapor and allow us to enjoy delicious clouds. How […]

How vape juice is made?

How vape juice is made

Delicious flavors of e-liquids are one of the most compelling reasons that attract customers to vaping. Let’s find out how vape juice is made and which ingredients are essential elements during that process. What is in your vape juice? Most vape juices, particularly those created by famous brands, have their ingredients listed on the package […]