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Vaping tips and essentials every beginner needs

Are you planning to start your vaping journey? Or maybe you want to switch from traditional cigarettes? Regardless of the reason for your interest in the vaping community, we’re happy you’re here! If you’ve finally decided to enter the world of vaping, then there are some things you need to learn before you can fully enjoy the experience and be able to choose the right products. Fortunately, we have prepared all the vaping tips for beginners you will ever need to feel confident in purchasing devices and e-liquid suited to your preferences. Read on and learn!

Does vape juice have sugar?

does vape juice have sugar

As your taste buds are overwhelmed with the delicious flavor of your new favorite e-liquid, you may wonder if there is any sugar added to the mixture you’re tasting. Clearly, something must be responsible for that sugary deliciousness! Let’s delve a little deeper into this topic and find out. Table of Contents: Does sweet vape […]

Does e-liquid have nicotine?

does e liquid have nicotine

Plenty of people who want to quit smoking are using vaping as a crucial step that allows them to slowly subdue their cravings. But in order to do that, they need to vape with products that help them gradually lower the nicotine levels they consume. So let’s find out whether every e-liquid has nicotine and […]

Which e-liquid is safe?

what e liquids are safe

If you’re only starting your vaping journey, the sheer number of available e-liquids may overwhelm you quite quickly. You may also begin questioning whether all of those products are safe for your health to begin with. Let’s dive into the delicious world of vape juices and figure out if there is anything to worry about! […]

Where to buy e-liquid flavoring?

where to buy e liquid flavoring

Vaping stores provide their clients with thousands upon thousands of delicious vape juices in numerous flavor profiles. Sweet, savory, tropical, creamy, sour, tart, or maybe the one with the essence of your favorite candies? The list goes on and on, and each company continues to introduce brand new products that make our taste buds hum […]

How vaping affects your health?

Health effects of vaping

With the rise of vaping popularity, there are more and more questions about the effects of this activity on human health. So how does exactly vaping affect your organism? Let’s find out what researchers around the world are saying on this topic. What is vaping? Let’s start from the beginning and learn more about vaping […]

What’s the Difference Between Vaping and E-Cigarettes?

What's the difference between vaping and e cigarettes?

E-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigalikes, vape pens, vapes – the list of names we usually use to describe a vaping device continues. But are all of those terms correct? Are e-cigarettes and vaping the same thing? Let’s find out. Quick history lesson Before we focus on the right terminology, we should remind ourselves when vaping even […]

What are vape Shortfills?

what are shortfills

While scrolling through your favorite vape shop website, you came across something called Shortfills, and you’re wondering what’s this all about? Don’t worry – many vapers have questions regarding this product! Do you want to know more about it and learn whether it’s something for you? Let’s dive into that topic and find out! What […]

What sweetener is used in vape juice?

what sweetener is used in e juice

Many vapers around the world completely adore sweet and smooth e-liquids, and such flavor profiles as bakery, candy, and desserts regularly break records of popularity. No wonder – such blends are utterly delicious! But have you ever wondered what sweeteners are used in your favorite vape juices? Let’s learn more about the most common ingredients […]