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Vaping tips and essentials every beginner needs

Are you planning to start your vaping journey? Or maybe you want to switch from traditional cigarettes? Regardless of the reason for your interest in the vaping community, we’re happy you’re here! If you’ve finally decided to enter the world of vaping, then there are some things you need to learn before you can fully enjoy the experience and be able to choose the right products. Fortunately, we have prepared all the vaping tips for beginners you will ever need to feel confident in purchasing devices and e-liquid suited to your preferences. Read on and learn!

What is in vape juice?

what is in vape juice flavoring

Fruity and tropical mixes, refreshing menthol blends, or maybe sweet and creamy flavors? No matter which type you like the most, it is easy to see that juices can make or break your vaping experience. But have you ever wondered what exactly hides in your favorite e-liquids? Let’s find out what are the main ingredients […]

Is vaping safe? 5 things you need to know

vaping safe

With vaping’s popularity growing steadily, it is no surprise that more and more questions about the safety of that habit come to the forefront. So is vaping safe for your health? Let’s focus on the most important things you need to know.   What is in your e-liquids? If we want to answer the question about […]

Is vaping without nicotine safe?

is vaping without nicotine safe

Vaping is well known as one of the best methods for slowly phasing out the harmful addiction to smoking cigarettes. Most ex-smokers decide on e-liquids with nicotine and then slowly start to lower the concentrations of this substance so they can finally quit. That is why most of the vape juices you see in the […]

How to choose e-liquid flavor?

how to choose e liquid flavor

Did you think that selecting a vaping device is a challenge? Try finding the best e-juice flavor in the sea of thousands of products! Yes, there’s plenty of e-liquids to choose from, but don’t worry – we have some tips that will help you discover your favorites in no time! Find out, how to choose […]

Why is my vape leaking?

why is my vape leaking

You reach into your bag to find your vape kit and enjoy some quiet and well-deserved break, but the moment your hand touches the e-cigarette, you feel some wetness. A second later, your nose is hit with the smell of your favorite e-liquid, and you know what happened – another leakage! Sounds familiar? Why is […]

What is a vape mod?

what is a vape mod

Even if you’re just starting your vaping journey, you probably already heard somewhere about vape mods. Are you curious about these devices and want to find out if they are something you would enjoy as well? What are vape mods? Don’t worry – we’ll tell you all about them! Table of contents What are vape […]