Can E-juice Freeze?

can e-juice freeze

Most vapers know that storing e-liquids in dark and cold places can be optimal for the longevity of the products. But how cold is too cold? And can you freeze e-juice? And what would happen to the formula in that case? Let’s get some much needed answers!

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Freezing e-liquid – is it possible?

Can e juice freeze? The short answer is yes, it can. However, its freezing point will probably be much different than you expect. Why? Vape juice looks quite similar to water, but it certainly doesn’t mean it will act the same when exposed to hot or cold temperatures. After all, there are several ingredients that are used in virtually every single vaping formula. We’re talking about such substances as vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), sweeteners, natural and/or artificial flavorings, and nicotine. And the thing is, all of them have pretty different freezing points! Let’s look at them more closely.

What is the e-liquid freezing temperature?

The base of each vape juice will contain various ratios of VG and PG, so it is easy to see these two ingredients will have the most significant impact on the freezing abilities of the product. It is worth noting that pure vegetable glycerin freezes at about -36.4°F (-38 degrees Celsius) and propylene glycol at -74.2°F (-59 degrees Celsius). As we know, e-liquids can have different proportions of those two ingredients – some contain half of each, and some use even an 80/20 ratio. Overall, we would need genuinely cold conditions to actually see e-liquid freeze into solid matter. Let’s just say that you shouldn’t have to worry about it in your day to day life.

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What will happen to your e-liquid in the cold environment?

Ok, now we know that freezing e liquid will be really hard to achieve. But can cold temperatures affect the product in some way? And if so, what exactly can happen to our e-liquids? When exposed to a chilly environment, especially if it ensues for extended periods of time, vape juice may start to thicken and even separate a little. It can also look kind of cloudy.

As a result, vaping when it is cold outside may be way harder than you expect – your e-juice will thicken and have the consistency of molasses. It won’t be that easy to transfer it to the atomizer and coat the wick. Sometimes your device may even give up on you in such conditions, and you won’t be able to vape until you find a warmer place. You should remember that extreme temperatures, no matter if they are high or low, can influence the flavor of the product as well.

E-liquid is not water

One thing you don’t have to worry about is the vape juice exploding! As we know, water in a bottle, when frozen, expands and can explode. However, there is no water in your e-juice formula, and the mixture won’t grow if placed in chilly conditions.

To sum up – can you freeze e juice? Technically yes, but it is not recommended as it will negatively affect the quality of your product.

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