Can you use any e-liquid in any vape pen?

Can you use any e-liquid in any vape pen

Any customer is well aware that vape stores are full of numerous e-liquids and various devices. But can you use them all together? Or maybe there are some rules as to whether certain vape juice will work well with vape pod or box mod? Let’s find out!

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Is every vape juice the same?

E-liquids consist essentially of the same ingredients, which include vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavorings, sweeteners, and, of course, nicotine. However, the essential factor is the ratio of all these substances, as it can completely change the feel of the product. We should mention that there are several different types of e-liquids, and among the most popular ones, we can distinguish PG juices, VG juices, 50/50 liquids, shortfills as well as Salt Nics. Let’s closely look at each kind.

VG e-liquids

This type of vape juice has a higher ratio of vegetable glycerin, and it influences the vaping experience. VG e-liquids are much thicker and, as a result, can produce bigger clouds than blends with more PG. On top of that, vegetable glycerin has a pretty sweet taste, which adds even more sweetness to the e-juice. 

PG e-liquids

PG vape juices, as you may suspect, will have a higher concentration of propylene glycol. What does that mean? This type of e-liquid won’t produce much vapor, but it will give you plenty of flavor. It’s highly popular with ex-smokers and new vapers as it offers a strong throat hit. Thanks to this feature, it mimics the experience of smoking traditional cigarettes. 

50/50 e-juices

As you may guess, 50/50 e-liquids have a balanced ratio of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. As a result, vapers can enjoy blends that provide great flavor as well as substantial vapor. On top of that, 50/50 e-juices offer a pretty strong nicotine hit. It’s no accident that they are well loved by many vapers around the world. 


Shortfills are not that popular in the US, but they are common in countries belonging to the European Union. The bottles of shortfills are not filled to the very top and have a little bit of space left. Users can then add Nicotine Shots and create e-juice that can be used to vape. Shortfills were made as an answer to the new regulations passed in May of 2017. According to the law, the size of e-liquid packages containing nicotine was restricted to 10 ml. As a result, manufacturers began to produce Shortfills, which then could be mixed with 10 ml of Nicotine Shot. It’s not a surprise that they are also known as Shake & Vape!

Find out more what are shortfills.

Salt Nics

We should also mention Salt Nics, which stand out thanks to the higher concentrations of nicotine. Freebase e-juices usually include from 3 to 12 mg of this substance, but Salt Nics come with much higher nicotine levels – around 24 or even 48 mg.

Which e-liquids are the best for vape pens?

Standard vape pens are entry devices for most vapers – not only are they sleek and portable, but they also imitate the smoking experience pretty well. However, we should be aware that their smaller size means that vape pens also have weaker batteries. All these features mean that vape pens will work best with PG e-liquids. Higher concentrations of propylene glycol are perfect for users who love strong throat hits and who prefer deep flavors over creating large vape clouds. Of course, you can also reach for 50/50 blends, which provide perfect balance and are compatible with the majority of popular vape pens. 
vape pens?

Which e-liquids are the best for box mods?

How about box mods? As we know, these types of devices are much more powerful and usually come with sub-ohm coils. That means that they work amazingly well with vape juices that have more vegetable glycerin. You will be able to taste rich flavors, experience fabulous cloud production and have an overall smooth and comfortable vape. Higher levels of PG in the blend can result in e-liquid becoming overheated, which won’t make for an enjoyable vaping experience. So with box mods, it’s best to reach for products, which have at least 50% vegetable glycerin. Or more!

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