Can You Vape Water?

can you vape water

In online and offline vape stores, we can find thousands of e-liquid flavors that should satisfy the cravings of each and every customer, no matter their preferences. But many people keep wondering whether they can vape other substances as well, such as water. Can you vape water, and if so, what would be the result? Let’s find out!

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Can you put water in a vape tank?

Theoretically, yes, you can. But we’re not sure why you would want to. After all, vaping is all about excellent flavor, thick vapor, desired nicotine levels, or the combination of those three key factors, depending on every person. And water is not known for either of them! There is no reason to think that vaping pure H20 would be enjoyable. But let’s put that away for a second and try to figure out what would happen after putting water in a vape tank. When you turn your device on and try to vape, the water will travel into the atomizer, where it will quickly soak the wick. The high temperature will make the water turn into steam, which then you will inhale. But here’s the thing – steam is genuinely hot, and it may burn your lips or tongue, or even both! By vaping pure water, you’re risking almost sure injury to your mouth, which definitely should be avoided.

Vaping water – is it even tasty?

No! Even if you were to add some flavorings to the water before vaping, H20 is not the best solvent, and you would only get a slight whiff of it. The experience would be nothing like vaping with traditional e-juices. What about vapor? No luck here either. As we mentioned, in high temperatures, the water turns into steam, which is colorless and tasteless. On top of that, it quickly turns back into the water when the temperature drops back to normal. So you can forget about the incredible taste and thick clouds. We don’t have to mention that water doesn’t contain any nicotine, right? So vaping H20 won’t scratch your itch. On top of all that, vaping water can destroy your device as well. For one, the prolonged presence of H20 may lead to rusting of metal parts of your device. Another drawback may be tank leaking.

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Is water ever used in vape products?

You may not realize it, but some of the e-liquids you use on a regular basis can have water in them, after all! Well, just a slight amount, but it is there. When is H20 added to the vape juices? Usually, it is part of the ingredient list in blends that have a really high concentration of vegetable glycerin. As we all know, VG is way more viscous than propylene glycol. That is why products with high levels of it can create amazing clouds. But viscosity too has its downsides – it may make coating the wick much slower and less efficient. In order to combat this issue, e-liquids with high vegetable glycerin levels are diluted a little bit with water, which enables the blend to travel to wick much smoother and quicker, improving your vape experience. Usually, you can find products with 5 to 15% of water in the mix, so it is easy to see this ingredient is only an addition, not the central element of the blend.

Overall, answering again to the question, can you put water in a vape tank, yes, but in only one scenario – when you want to clean it! Which you definitely should do on a regular basis, as it allows you to appreciate the flavors of the chosen blends even more and prolongs the lifespan of your device.

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