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Cinnaroo Vape Juice - Online Vape Shop - Vape Royalty
Cinnaroo Vape Juice – Online Vape Shop – Vape Royalty

Taste the unmatched goodness of Cinnaroo eliquids

Are you in the mood for some yummy breakfast blends? Or maybe some creamy and rich deliciousness? How about mouth watering cinnamon toasted cereal? Sounds pretty good, right? Well, if these kinds of tastes are up to your alley, then check out Cinnaroo ejuices and find your absolute favorites! The Cinnaroo is an exciting vape line created by Cloud Thieves, and it offers incredible bakery and creamy mixes. It is worth mentioning that the freebase versions of their products come in 100 ml bottles. That means you get plenty of refills of your favorite Cinnaroo eliquid flavors. Of course, you can pick options with 3 or 6 mg of nicotine or choose the alternatives without that substance at all.

Start your day right with the breakfast flavors of Cinnaroo ejuice

So what kind of delicious vape juices can you find among the Cinnaroo line? You may start with their titular product, which combines chunky cinnamon sugar toast cereal with smooth vanilla frosting and sugary rainbow sprinkles. It is a fantastic way to start any day! You can be sure your taste buds will fall in love with this Cinnaroo ejuice. And if you want to add some fruity taste to all this deliciousness, reach for Strawberry Cinnaroo. This wonderful mix includes your favorite cinnamon swirl cereal, but it is also finished off with rainbow sprinkles and strawberry frosting. If you happen to be a fan of higher nicotine concentrations, don’t worry – the brand also made sure to include some Salt nics in their collection. You can taste their cinnamon toasted cereal blends and still get the right amount of nicotine! Cinnaroo eliquids are available with 25 and 45 mg of nicotine as well.

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Zenith – Cinnaroo Strawberry 100mL

Strawberry Frosted Cinnamon Cereal


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Zenith – Cinnaroo 100mL

Cinnamon Toasted Cereal


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Zenith – Cinnaroo Salt 30mL

Cinnamon Toasted Cereal


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