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Do you like vape juices full of fruity and sweet flavours? Are you looking for e-liquids that consist of high quality ingredients and carefully designed formulations? If so, you will fall in love with the delicious line of Noms X2 e-liquids!

Noms X2 is a range prepared by premium brand Nomenon E-liquids, one of the giants of the vaping industry. It is worth noting that each Noms X2 eJuice uses high quality fruit extracts and combines them with sweeteners that have a highly natural taste. That allows the brand to create blends that don’t have any unpleasant and artificial aftertaste.

Noms X2 line is well-loved by vapers all around the world for many reasons, and one of them is the use of delicious ingredients. Blends from this brand include such mouth watering fruits like nectarine, kiwi, jackfruit, peach, cactus fruit, cherry, orange, passion fruit, raspberry, lime and mandarin.

Taste surprising Noms X2 vape juices

It is worth noting that freebase Noms X2 e-liquids are available in big bottles, which hold 120 ml of vape juice. That makes them really affordable choices which allow the clients to enjoy many refills. Of course, the brand made sure to include in their offer Salt Nicotine blends as well.

They are perfect for vapers who like much more concentrated levels of nicotine and like to vape with a more powerful throat hit. Clients can choose two strengths – 24 or 48 mg of nicotine. Most of the blends from the line are focused on the many variations of rich flavours of fruits, which makes it a perfect choice for vapers who love to taste sweet and tropical blends. Check out the full range of Noms X2 sets and find favourite products, which will change your vaping habits forever.

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Noms X2 Salts – Cherry Lime Ginger 30mL

Cherry, Lime & Ginger