Fried Cream Cakes

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Are you a fan of dessert vape juices, but you are looking for something with an exciting twist? Try Fried Cream Cakes ejuices, and you will never go back! This astonishing line, made by Liquid EFX, will not leave you indifferent. Fried Cream Cakes eliquids certainly live up to their name and seduce vapers around the world with exquisite mixes of deep-fried desserts that make your mouth water at the mere thought. It is worth mentioning that all the freebase nicotine products are available in 60 ml bottles, which hold plenty of e-juice and allow you to have many refills of your favorite e-juice. Of course, you can choose your preferred nicotine level as well. The brand prepared versions with 3 and 6 mg of nicotine, or you can pick an option without this substance at all.

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What kind of delicious blends are waiting for you among the Fried Cream Cakes eliquids? Well, for example, you can pick such goodness as Fried Cream Cakes TFN, which consists of velvety yellow sponge cake with a buttery vanilla filling. The whole thing is deep-fried until it reaches a beautiful golden brown, and then it receives a light dusting with sweet powdered sugar. You can also pick Lucky Charm Fried Cream Cakes, which is yet another staple in the Fried Cream Cakes line. This incredible blend is also filled with the heavenly flavor of yellow sponge cake with vanilla filling. However, on top, you will find creamy rainbow marshmallow charms as well. Sounds good, right? Do you want to taste these delicious blends with a more potent nicotine punch? Well, you will be glad to know that Fried Cream Cakes ejuices are also available in Salt nic versions. You can enjoy their products and get a pretty good nicotine kick with the 25 and 50 mg they offer.

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