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Are you looking for a premium e-juice line that is famous for its high quality and comprehensiveness? Well, then Bad Drip ejuices are the products that will win both your heart and your taste buds. This New York City-based company is a true classic for many vapers, and for a good reason! One of the most distinguishing features of this brand is high quality ingredients used in their blends. Such standard components as Vanilla, Lemon, Apple, and Strawberry are enriched with more unique flavors, including Passion Fruit, Guava, Gummy Bears, Belgian Waffle, or Cinnamon Banana Pudding. That allowed the brand to create a wide range of surprising and delicious blends. Even though Bad Drip eliquids are considered to be some of the best brands on the market, they are still very affordable. Bad Drip made sure to prepare something incredible for all of their clients. That means vapers around the world can choose from flavor profiles that include Bakery, Creamy, Candy & Sweets, Fruits & Tropical, Sour & Tarts, as well as Mint & Menthol.

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It is worth noting that freebase Bad Drip blends come in large bottles that contain 60 ml of e-liquid. They allow you to have many refills and don’t take too much space at the same time. You can put them in a backpack or bag and use them when the need arises. Of course, the brand also offers salt nic versions of their products, which are packaged in universal 30 ml bottles. They come in two versions – with 25 or 45 mg of nicotine. Don’t forget to check out the full assortment of Bad Drip eliquids! You will discover many new favorites worthy of adding them to your vaping routine.

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