Does vape juice have sugar?

does vape juice have sugar

As your taste buds are overwhelmed with the delicious flavor of your new favorite e-liquid, you may wonder if there is any sugar added to the mixture you’re tasting. Clearly, something must be responsible for that sugary deliciousness! Let’s delve a little deeper into this topic and find out.

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Does sweet vape juice have sugar?

The short answer is, no, there is no sugar in vape juices! The addition of that ingredient really wouldn’t work with coils in devices we know as it would lead to a lot of gunk created during the vaping. Sugar decomposes when it’s heated to above approximately 300 °F (149 °C), and most vaping devices reach a temperature around 392 °F (200 °C). It’s easy to see that’s way above what sugar can take. As a result, your coils would get destroyed quite quickly, and on top of that, you wouldn’t even taste the sweetness of a vape juice. And that is something we definitely don’t want to happen. So how does vape juice have sugar, delicious flavor in e-liquids get created? Well, first, we should look more closely at the ingredient list of most vape juices. What will we find there? Usually, just a few substances such as water, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycol (VG), natural and/or artificial flavoring, sweeteners, and most of the time, nicotine. Now it’s easy to see that sweet taste is essentially created by flavorings as well as natural and artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, ethyl maltol, erythritol, and stevia.

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Now that we know which ingredients are responsible for that sweet taste in our e-liquids, it is time to get to know them a little better. Not all sweaters are made equal, after all!


Without a doubt, the most popular sweetener in today’s vaping products is sucralose. This ingredient is much sweeter than sugar itself, and even a small amount will give any e-liquid plenty of punch. It is pretty easy to recognize sucralose in vape juice as it provides the blend with a very distinctive “sugar lips” taste. Unfortunately, sucralose has some drawbacks as well, and the biggest one is the gunk build-up on the coils, which appears quite quickly. It is very straightforward to recognize as it has a distinctive black color.


The second popular sweetener is erythritol, which belongs to the group of sugar alcohols and is produced from fermented corn. It is an excellent option for vapers who don’t like the “sugar lips”’ feeling created by the sucralose as it has only about 70% of the sweetness compared to that other ingredient. The good news is because erythritol is heat stable, it won’t caramelize during vaping, and your coils will have a much longer lifespan. It will also be appreciated by vapers who like menthol vape juices as it also gives a product a very similar cooling sensation.

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Ethyl Maltol

Another sweet ingredient often found in vape juices is ethyl maltol. What is fascinating, it is actually not a traditional sweetener, and it doesn’t affect the sweetness receptors located on human tongues. This substance is more of a flavor enhancer and works perfectly if the manufacturer wants to bring out the sweetness of other flavors used in the blend. Ethyl maltol has a taste very similar to cotton candy, and if you enjoy these types of e-liquids, you definitely already tasted it by now.


You may have heard of stevia before, but lately, it has made its way into vape juices as well. This plant-based sweetener provides almost as much sweetness as good old sucralose. Of course, it also has a similar disadvantage, which is a lot of gunk left on your coils after a round of vaping.

Are there vape juices without artificial sweeteners?

E-liquids with sweeteners are loved by many, but we realize that some vapers may prefer products without these ingredients. So, are there any alternatives to artificially sweetened vape juices on the market? Of course! There are plenty of companies that offer blends that don’t use those substances in their products. If you want to try them, simply reach for vape juices that use their flavor concentrates as natural sweeteners. Among the most popular ones, you will find such flavors as Caramel, Maple Syrup, Marshmallow, Vanilla, Toffee, Butterscotch, Pear, Mango, Apple, Marzipan, Meringue, and Custard. You can also choose vape juices with higher levels of Vegetable Glycerine! You may not realize it, but VG is known for its slightly sweet taste. It is often used as a sweetener in foods, but it can also fulfill this role in vape juices. On top of that, you can enjoy bigger and denser vapor! You will probably also appreciate the fact that vegetable glycerine won’t lead to gunk build-up on your coils.

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