Explore the most popular vape juice brands!

most popular vape juice brands

E-juices are one of the most crucial components of the vaping experience, and it is no surprise that customers around the world are looking for brands that can offer them the best products. Most users want to find companies that stand out thanks to the high quality ingredients, innovative blends, and truly exceptional taste of their creations. Fortunately, many brands in the vaping market check all those essential boxes and offer spectacular ranges of delicious e-liquids. Read on and meet the best vape juice brands that won the heart and taste buds of many other vapers!

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Naked 100

The title of one of the most popular vape juice brands market has to go to Naked 100. This California-based company has a wide range of vape juices in its portfolio that will satisfy the whims of even the most demanding vapers. Their collection is full of fresh and fruity blends that are perfectly made. Vapers around the world love the brand for its high quality components, which focus on pure and unprocessed ingredients. Among the top products, you will find e-liquids such as Hawaiian Pog, Lava Flow, Strawberry Pom, or Really Berry. Of course, Naked 100 also has a few extra lines, and they include Naked 100 Cream, Naked 100 Fusion, Naked 100 Ice, Naked 100 Menthol, and Naked 100 Salt.

Bad Drip Labs

Bad Drip Labs is one of the most versatile brands on the vaping market, and it offers its customers e-liquids in many different flavor profiles. You will discover here a range of delicious blends from top categories such as Bakery, Fruits & Tropical, Creamy, Candy & Sweets, Sour & Tarts, as well as Mint & Menthol. There’s something yummy for everyone! Vapers love their blends because they are the perfect mix of conventional and unexpected ingredients. So don’t be surprised if right next to good old Strawberry and Apple, you will find such components as Fruity Cereal with Creamy Milk, Cinnamon Banana Pudding, or Belgian Waffle. The most popular products from Bad Drip Labs include Pennywise, Drooly, God Nectar, Don’t Care Bear, Farley’s Gnarly Sauce, and many others.

Jam Monster

Jam Monster is especially popular with enthusiasts of highly accurate food flavors and vapers who have a little bit of a sweet tooth. And it makes complete sense! No other brand knows how to perfectly replicate the unique taste of buttery toasts covered in sweet and rich jam. Jam Monster does that perfectly, and every vaper can confirm that by trying their top flavors that include Buttered Toast with Strawberry Jam, Peanut Butter & Strawberry Jelly Toast, Peanut Butter & Grape Jelly Toast, and others. Of course, the brand also has a salt nic line, full of delicious vape juices.

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The collection of Hi-Drip vape juices is a true heaven for customers who love a mix of fruity flavors and candy infusions. The brand created three distinctive lines – Hi-Drip, Hi-Drip Classics, and Hi-Drip Salts – that allow everyone to find something for themselves. Hi-Drip Classics, as the name suggests, is a range of several elegant and timeless formulations such as Blue Razz, Sour Apple, Watermelon, or Caramel Apple. Meanwhile, among the Hi-Drip ICED Salts, you can find some delicious and exotic flavors, which are balanced with a pinch of cooling menthol. And we can’t forget about the main line of Hi-Drip juices, which combines fruity and candy flavors, creating such yummy blends as Island Orange, Dew Berry, Peachy Mango, or Melon Patch.

Keep It 100

Another highly popular e-liquid brand on the vaping market is Keep It 100, a company that entered the game in 2014 and still remains among the most influential vape juice manufacturers. They’re mostly known for their mouth watering blends, which are especially loved by enthusiasts of breakfast, candy, dessert, and fruit flavors. Those with a little bit of sweet tooth will certainly appreciate the delicious formulations of such e-liquids as OG Blue, Berry Au Lait, OG Krunch or OG Island Fusion.

Vape 7 Daze

Vape 7 Daze e-juices are taking the vaping world by the storm, and rightly so! The brand has several product ranges, which include 7 Daze, Reds Apple, 7 Daze Salt, Vape 7 Daze, and Magnetic E-Liquids. Vape 7 Daze gained its popularity mainly thanks to the Reds Apple collection, which is known for fascinating flavors and high quality ingredients. It’s full of star e-juices such as Watermelon Iced by Reds Apple, Reds Mango, Reds Strawberry, Reds Peach, or Berries Iced by Reds Apple. Of course, that’s only the beginning of their full assortment! Right next to the line of rich and juicy blends, you can also find numerous candy, menthol, and drinks flavors. Fans of sweet vape juices will surely fall in love with the e-liquids that combine the taste of sour and sweet candies.

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