How does a vaporizer work?

how vaporizer works

Despite their modest size, every day vaporizes manage to perform a complicated process that turns e-liquid into delicious vapour and allows each user to enjoy their vaping experience. But do you know how all this works? If not, then read on and learn more about the inner functioning of vaporizers. 

What is a vaporizer?

Let’s start from the very beginning and learn exactly what a vaporizer is. Well, this term describes a device that vaporizes certain substances and allows the user to inhale them. That is why vaporizers are also often called inhalation devices. 

What is it used for?

Now that we know what vaporizer is, let’s move on to its purpose. It’s important to remember that inhalation devices can be used with various substances. Among the most popular ones, we can highlight tobacco, cannabis, vape juices, herbs and essential oils. Of course, depending on the type of substance, each device will have a slightly different structure. As we all know, one of the most popular types of vaporizers is the one which uses e-liquids. They are also known as vape devices or electronic cigarettes. 

How are vape devices built?

While looking at the products provided by vape companies, we can quickly see that there are several different types of vaporizers. Some may be slim and portable like vape pens, and some are bigger and box-shaped like mods. Even though they may seem like completely different devices, most of them have the same parts and a similar way of working. So which elements are the key ones?

  • Device – It serves as a frame that carries all the required elements and binds the whole system together. There are various sizes and designs available, and they mainly depend on the type of the device, its power and size of the tank.
  • Battery – It powers the overall system and allows the device to function in the first place. Some models have replaceable batteries, and others are equipped with built-in and rechargeable ones. 
  • Tank – Tank holds the vape juice chosen by the user.
  • Atomizer – Atomizer contains a coil and a wick, which help to produce the vapour.
  • Wick – Wick is usually made from cotton, and the material helps to deliver the liquid to the coil.
  • Coils – Coils, created from resistance wire, produce the heat needed for the e-liquid to turn into vapour.
  • Mouthpiece – The device tip enables users to inhale the vapour more comfortably.

Some vape devices are activated by a pressure sensor, and some require the user to press a button to draw. Of course, there are also models equipped with additional elements such as a display screen, which can help control the device and change settings. 

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How does a vape device work?

Now that we know which elements are key for vape devices to function, it’s time to learn more about the whole process, which actually, it’s fairly simple. When you activate the device – either by pressing a button or taking a draw – you send a signal that allows the wick to absorb the e-liquid. The real magic happens in the atomizer – this is where the cotton wick helps draw some of the e-liquid and deliver it onto the coil. The coil itself is made of resistance wire, and it gets warmed up by the battery. At the same time, it heats up the e-liquid on its surface, which subsequently turns into vapour. The vapour then travels to the mouthpiece where it can be inhaled by the user. If the vaper continues to inhale, the device will proceed to heat the coils and create more vapour. It’s important to remember that the conversion of e-liquid into vapour can occur at varying rates, depending on the device, its power and settings.

Different types of vaporizers

There are hundreds of different devices on the vape market, directed both to beginners and experienced vapers. Especially appealing are two types of vaporizers which allow users to experience varying vapours.

Pod systems

Pod systems are stronger and more advanced than standard vape pens. However, despite the better performance, they still keep their compact size, portability and sleek design. That makes them the perfect option for any user who wants to continue vaping discreetly throughout the day. Pod systems are also known for low temperature and high power. That’s why they work really well with Nic Salts. 

Box mods

It’s crucial to note that these types of devices are highly modifiable. Users are able to change key elements of their box mods such as coils, atomizers, wicks and batteries. They can also adjust the main functions of the device such as the temperature, wattage and power. That allows them to control the type and strength of the produced vapour. That is why box mods are usually recommended to more experienced vapers who can modify the settings of the device to their preferences.

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