How long do vape pods last?

how long vape pod last

Pods are one of the most popular vaping devices on the market, and for a good reason, too – they are sleek, portable, and easy to use. However, the slight downside is that they need to be replaced fairly regularly before they run out of the vaping juice, and you will be forced to taste a dry hit. That is why it is essential for every user to learn how long do vape pods last and when you should change them.

Track your vaping habits

If you’re wondering how long vape pods tend to last, unfortunately, the answer is “it depends.” Of course, you need to bear in mind that your vaping habits will have an immense impact on the vitality of the vape pods. Vapers who use their devices only a couple of times a day will have much more time than those who vape every several minutes. Another essential factor is the type of vape pod you use, the power of its output, and the size of the tank. Of course, the larger the tank, the more e-liquid it can hold, which allows you to vape longer or more intensively.

Closed or open vape pods? What to choose?

It is important to remember that vape pods can have a closed or an open system, and both of them are known for different longevity. Closed vape pods are not refillable and should be replaced when the e-juice gets finished. Usually, they can last for about three or five days if used with standard frequency. It is worth noting that coils used in closed systems tend to be smaller and are less resistant. Of course, there are also open vape pods, which are refillable. That means you don’t have to switch the whole pod, but you should pay special attention to the coils and replace them when they get burned out. Types used in these kinds of vape pods are larger and will be able to serve you for much longer. You will be happy to know that one coil can provide you with even two weeks of standard vaping. However, you should remember to use versions that are recommended by the brand of your vape pod. They will be the best fit.

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Signs your vape pod is almost empty

Of course, you want to avoid entirely running out of e-juice as it can lead to damaging the device. That is why you should pay attention to specific signs that inform you when your vape pod is almost empty. What are the most common clues?

  • Reduced Vapor – The first indication that can clue you in is the lower levels of vapor. Because there is almost no e-liquid left, there is nothing to turn into clouds.
  • Change in flavor – The second sign concerns the reduced flavor of your e-juices. Again, an emptied tank means the device doesn’t have much product to vaporize.
  • Dry hits – Other significant symptoms of your vape pod running out of juice are dry hits, which appear when coils get burned out. When that happens, you will not taste your delicious e-liquid but foul and burnt flavor.

How to make pods last longer?

Of course, there are some basic tricks that you can use to make your vape pods last a little longer. For one, you should make sure to clean the device regularly so it doesn’t use up too much e-liquid. You can also select vape juices that are void of sweet and sugary flavorings, which often leave residue and can gather in the device, making it less effective.

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