How long to charge vape pen?

How long to charge vape pen

You’re out and about, having a good time, and you want to enjoy some delicious e-liquid on top of that. But then the worst happens – your vape pen runs out of steam… What then? You have to charge it! But how and for how long? Let’s figure out what are the best practices!

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It’s all about battery

It probably shouldn’t surprise you, but there’s no clear-cut answer to the question about the timeframe of charging your vape kit. Of course, the time spent on this activity will depend on the size and power of its battery. The bigger it is, the longer charging will take. But, on the other hand, a larger battery will last you for a longer time too. Each device will be slightly different, and you should always rely on the information given by the manufacturer of your model. As it is, the charging time of the most popular vape kits can vary from 1 to even 6 hours.

Can you charge your device daily?

It may seem tempting to plug in your vape kit every single day – after all, if you’re always charging it, your device will always be full, and you won’t be caught with a dead battery. Unfortunately, that’s not how this works in reality. Keeping your vape pod always connected may cause pretty significant damage to your battery and shorten its life expectancy. Why? Because of overuse! With electricity running through the device all the time, even when it’s filled, it will cause some harm.

What do you need to look out for?

Every vaper should know charging do’s and don’ts. Following these rules will keep your battery healthy and make sure you are safe as well. 

      • Don’t leave your battery to charge overnight

Do you often plug in your phone or vape and go to sleep? Yes, we’ve all done it once or twice. But the truth is, it’s a really bad habit as it leads to wearing the battery out way quicker.

      • Don’t wait until your device is all out of power

Draining the battery all the way is not exactly a great idea. Why? Because it will have to recharge itself from the very bottom, which puts a strain on the device. As a result, it may lead to shorter life expectancy. It is way better to charge a half-empty battery.

      • Don’t leave your vape unattended while it’s charging

Always keep an eye on your vape kit while it’s charging and plug it out when the battery is full. You should also react if the device gets really hot. 

      • Don’t charge your vape in a hot or humid environment

High temperatures and high humidity are not the best friends of electronic devices, and you should avoid charging your vape in these circumstances. 

Can you vape and charge at the same time?

Well, this actually depends on the construction of your device. Some vape kits can be used while charging, but they have to have pass-through technology. This feature prevents them from overheating. If you’re not sure about your device, check instructions, and if you don’t find any information, refrain from vaping while your vape is connected to the electricity.

Do you want to know more? Find out facts about vaping.

Can you charge your vape with a phone charger?

We’re well aware that having different chargers for every single device you own may be too much. So it’s no surprise that you want to use one gadget for several pieces of equipment. Luckily, most vapes use universal USB outputs, which can be found in laptops, TVs, PCs, DVD players, stereos, game consoles, and even car chargers.

These sources are known for regulating supplied voltage and limiting the current that vape will draw. However, you should be careful about the type of charger you’re using. It should come from a reputable source as it is the only way to be sure that it has all the necessary protection circuits that keep you and your device safe. So if you’re thinking about using that one weird charger that’s been in the back of your drawer for ages, you better not reach for it. You should also try to avoid using a phone charger if the cable is fixed into the adapter.

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