How to clean a vaporizer and why you should do this?

how to clean a vaporizer

We all know that wonderful feeling when we first use our new device and enjoy great performance, clear flavour and smooth vaping experience. But, more often than not, as time passes, the vaporizer tends to lose some of its efficiency. That is why, if you want to ensure optimal performance of the vaporizer, you should clean it frequently. Thanks to that action you will make sure that vapour quality will always be on point and you will be able to enjoy each puff.

What is a vaporizer?

Before we move to the tips on cleaning the device, it’s best to learn exactly what a vaporizer is. Simply put, it is a device that vaporizes substances and makes them ready for inhalation by the user. On the market, you can find various models of vaporizers, designed for different substances. Inhalation devices work well with such materials as e-juices, tobacco, cannabis, some herbs or even essential oils. One of the most popular vaporizes are various vaping devices such as Mods and Pods. Of course, vaporizers can vary depending on types and models, but most of them have similar main components: tank, coil, battery and mouthpiece.

When to clean your vaporizer?

Regular maintenance of your device is very significant, so be sure to clean the vape tank when you change the flavours of your e-liquids. Rinse off this part of the vaporizer, so old and new blends won’t mix themselves. Get in the habit of deep cleaning your device every few weeks, and if you feel it’s underperforming, it will be good to give it a thorough clean. This way, you will improve the output and overall performance of your vaping device.

Vape tanks

The most important part of the vaporizer that needs regular maintenance is vape tank. Cleaning the vape tanks will allow you to escape tasting the back-flavour of previous vape juice. Of course, if you use the same e-liquids, you won’t have this problem. But if, as many vapers, you love to change up your juices, then regular cleaning will help you to avoid spoiling the taste of your new blend. For the most time, a quick clean will be enough. You should detach the tank from the device, remove any remaining e-juice and disassemble the components. Then prepare a bowl with lukewarm water and place the tank parts in it. Be sure to wash everything until it’s clean and then let it dry. After that, you can put back everything in place. However, every now and then you should deep clean your tank with alcohol. To do that, get rid of the liquid and disassemble the device. Choose non-flavoured and high-proof vodka, moisten a cloth with alcohol and clean the tank until it’s clean. Then rinse it under the water, air dry and reassemble everything back. If you have difficulty getting rid of especially fragrant e-liquid flavour, try soaking the tank pieces in warm water with a little bit of sterilising tablet added. It will help you remove the leftover aroma, even the strong one.

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Vape coils

In most advanced devices, vape coils are replaceable, so you don’t have to spend a lot of the time cleaning them. If the coil is damaged, you can just switch it for a new one. When to do that? One of the clear signs that tell you it’s time for replacement is when you notice decreased vapour production and start to taste “burn” during the vaping. Crusted and darkened coils and any leakage problems can also alert you that it’s time to substitute this part.

Mouth pieces and drip tips

Mouthpieces and drip tips are the elements that touch our lips all the time, so it is only logical to make sure they are as clean as they can be. It’s the best to at least rinse the mouthpiece every day under the tap. And once a week this part deserves a more meticulous clean. For that task, you will need lukewarm water and a small brush. Scrub everything off and then again wash the drip tip in the water. If the mouthpiece is fixed, you can just wipe it and clean it more thoroughly when you finally empty the tank.

Other elements

Depending on the model of your vaporizer, you can have some other elements to clean as well. One of the parts you should look at is the USB port as it can get clogged with some dirt, dust or fluff from your bag or a pocket. To clean it, it is best to use a can with compressed air or some air pump. If you don’t have anything like that at hand, you can use a toothpick and carefully pick the dirt out. Of course, all models with a metal finish should be cleaned with dedicated products.

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