How to do vape tricks?

Vaping can give you a much-needed daily dose of nicotine and introduce to your taste buds some absolutely delicious e-juice flavors. But that’s not all! It also gives you the opportunity to try some marvelous vape tricks that will impress all of your friends! The Ghost Inhale, Tornado, Waterfall or maybe Dragon? Do you want to find out how to do tricks with vape smoke? Read on and try for yourself!

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How to do tricks with vape?

The Ghost Hit

One of the first tricks any vaper learns is the famous Ghost Hit. You should take a inhale from your device and hold it in your mouth for a few beats. Then slowly push everything out, and when the whole cloud is out of your mouth, quickly suck it all back inside. When you do that, you will be able to see the “ghost” left by the vapor. If you’re only starting with vape tricks, try to master the Ghost Hit, as it will be helpful in more advanced moves.

French Inhale

How to do smoke tricks with a vape? The second vaping trick worth knowing is the French Inhale, sometimes also called the Irish Waterfall. It is worth remembering that it can be done when you’re smoking traditional cigarettes as well. You want to start by taking in a drag of vapor and then bringing your tongue to the back of your mouth and trapping the air inside. Next, open your mouth and let the cloud seep out gradually. Then push out the lower lip – it will allow the smoke to move upwards, in the direction of your nose. Remember not to exhale the whole time! After that, you can slowly move your tongue to the front of the mouth, and the movement will drive the air out. While you’re pushing the vapor out, start breathing in through the nose. As a result, the smoke will leave your lips and get sucked in by your nostrils right away. And voila, you will create a sort of reverse waterfall.

The Dragon

The Dragon certainly sounds impressive, but it’s actually fairly easy to do. Start by taking a pretty big drag from your device but don’t inhale it all the way. Then create a block in the middle of your mouth, either with your lips or tongue and simultaneously exhale the smoke through your nose and corners of your mouth. That shape you just made with your lips will allow you to divide the vapor in your mouth into two streams. Add to that the nose exhale, and you’ll get four! The whole movement may feel awkward at first, but after a few tries, you will get the hang of it!

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The Tornado

If you want to show off The Tornado to your friends, you need to find some flat surface to accompany you – it may be a table, countertop, or a big book. As usual, you have to start with a long drag from your vaping device. Hold the smoke in, put your face close to the chosen surface, and then slowly exhale the vapor onto it. Make sure that smoke doesn’t disperse and creates a dense cloud. Next, you should insert your hand into the smoke and quickly raise it while twisting it up. You can spin the air with the front or back of your hand, whichever suits you best. Twisting motion will raise the smoke up and put some rotation on it, forming a small tornado. Of course, you should make sure that the spot you chose for this trick doesn’t have any other sources of air, such as a fan, air conditioning, open window, or even some people walking around as it will interfere with your efforts.

Blowing an O’s

How to do cool vape tricks? This trick is well known both by vapers and smokers alike, but that doesn’t mean it is easy! It may be widely popular, but you still need to put some effort into mastering it if you want to show off. Take a drag of vapor and hold it in your mouth. Shape it into an O, and push the smoke out as if you’re trying to cough lightly. Depending on how large or small the O form is, you can control the appearance of the rings.

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