How to fill a vape tank?

How to fill a vape tank

Every vaper, even the one just beginning their journey, knows that if you want to enjoy the delicious taste of your e-liquids, you need to refill them regularly. But how to fill the vape tank properly? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you, so you can have this skill covered.

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Bottom fill vape tank vs top fill vape tank

Before we start a step-by-step guide, we should mention that there are two types of vape tanks, and their design has a pretty significant influence on the method we will use to refill the e-liquid. Of course, we’re talking about top fill vape tanks and bottom fill vape tanks. Both of them are classified as open pod systems, but, as their names suggest, the key difference is the location of the fill holes used to pour in fresh e-juice. 

Filling bottom fill vape tank

If your device fills from the bottom, you should check whether you need to completely empty the tank or if it’s possible to add e-liquid while some of it is still in the chamber. Of course, it’s always best to finish your current vape juice and give a tank a quick clean.

So what steps do you need to follow?

      1. First, unscrew the tank from the body of your device. 
      2. Then, unscrew the bottom metal piece and remove the coil.
      3. Add a drop or two of e-juice into the coil to saturate it – you will avoid burning the wick, and your first puff won’t be dry.
      4. When you’re done, attach the coil again and unscrew the bottom of the vaporizer so you will get full access to the tank. 
      5. Next, point the nozzle of the e-liquid bottle against the inside of the chamber. 
      6. Squeeze the bottle and fill the tank until it reaches its capacity.
      7. You want to avoid the center chimney, and if the vape juice gets there, take a paper towel and clean the area.
      8. Put the tank together and attach it to the device.
      9. Make sure to wipe any leftover vape juice. 
      10. Leave the juice to steep for a while and allow the liquid to travel to the coil and saturate it even further.

Filling top fill vape tank

This type of filling system is unquestionably the most popular one, and it’s no surprise as it’s quick and easy to work. It’s worth mentioning that top fill vape tanks may come in slightly different forms – they can have a screw-off top, twist off, or a sliding lid. Some versions don’t require you to remove the tank from the device, which makes the whole process even more straightforward.

So how to add e-juice to a top fill vape tank?

      1. First, remove the top of your tank.
      2. Then, locate the fill hole and point the nozzle of the bottle towards it.
      3. It’s best to tilt the vape tank a little bit so there are no pockets of air forming.
      4. Put pressure on the bottle and fill the chamber with vape juice. 
      5. Attach the top of the tank back on.
      6. Be sure to wipe any leftover e- juice. 

Cleaning the tank

It doesn’t matter if your vape tank is filled from top or bottom – it still needs to be cleaned from time to time. This habit will put a stop to a build-up of e-liquids in the chamber, so be sure to do it regularly. The moment when you’re about to refill your tank is the best one as the device is already empty. On top of that, thanks to cleansing it, you will avoid mixing two different flavors of vape juice. After all, there is nothing worse than tasting a weird combination of blends that should not be together! 

What about a closed pod system?

We should also mention that there are tanks that weren’t even designed to be refilled! We’re talking about closed pod systems. These devices already come filled with vape juices, and when you finish it off, you should simply throw out the used pod and replace it with a new one. Changing the pod to a full one can be described as an act of refilling the device. That’s not the most sustainable solution, but it’s certainly convenient for many people.

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