How to get the best flavor from vaping?

what vape gives the best flavor

Each user wants something else from their vaping experience – some love to produce enormous clouds, others enjoy high nicotine concentrations that satisfy their cravings, and there’s also a group of people who value the flavor above anything else. If you happen to be a member of that last fraction, you probably want to learn how to maximize the flavor during vaping. Great! Find out, how to get the best flavor from vaping? We know a few tricks that can help you!

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What vape gives the best flavor?

Choose the right PG/VG ratio

Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are the base of every e-liquid you use, and their ratio can have a significant impact on the flavor you’re getting. Various products can have different proportions of these ingredients, such as 70/30 or 50/50. But which ratio is the best if you’re looking to boost the taste? For this purpose, choose juices, which have at least 50% of PG in their composition. Propylene glycol is way better at carrying the flavor, and it will also give you a more intense throat punch. On the other hand, e-liquids with the better part of VG will generate more extensive clouds and allow you to enjoy a minimal throat hit.

Change coils and clean your device

How to get the best flavor from vaping? With frequent use, it is perfectly natural that your coils get worn out and clogged – they are exposed to high temperatures, and often we use them with e-juices that have sweeteners, which speed up their burning. Fortunately, coils are easily replaceable. So if you feel like your e-liquids don’t seem to produce the same intense flavor anymore, check if your coil shouldn’t be changed. A used-up item will leave you with a dry and burned taste, which is the furthest thing we want. On the other hand, a brand new version will allow you to enjoy the pure flavor of your blends. And while you’re already taking care of your device, it won’t hurt to clean the rest of it. Refreshing your coils, wicks, and tanks will allow you to enjoy a better taste, which is not muddied by all the previous e-juices you vaped.

Adjust your settings

Changing your wattage and temperature settings can help you get the best flavor out of your e-liquid, so reach for devices that provide you with such control. Why is it important? Because various flavorings can vaporize at different temperature thresholds, and their taste may change. Start with lower settings and slowly go up – you will find the perfect spot for each of your favorite e-liquids.

Minimize the airflow

The bigger the airflow, the more air goes through your coils every time you vape. This solution, of course, is recommended if you want to make large and billowing clouds of vapor. However, if your goal is finding the best flavor, you may want to reconsider. After all, closing off the airflow allows you to create denser clouds, but they are filled with flavor. Be sure to try out various settings and don’t block the airflow too much as it may cause vapor to get too hot.

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Reach for smaller bore drip tips

Another thing worth paying attention to are drip tips. Models with larger bores also allow for more air to get to your vapes, and they produce more noticeable clouds. That is why you should consider choosing drip tips with thinner bores, which can help you achieve more potent flavors. If you plan on changing your device anytime soon, make sure you take this feature into account.

Keep an eye on your e-liquids

It is worth remembering that vape juices, like any products made with food-grade ingredients, have an expiry date and can degrade if not stored properly. E-liquids prefer to be kept in cool and dark places where they won’t be exposed to sunlight, high temperatures, and air. You should also remember that whenever you open up a product for the first time, its oxidation process begins, and e-juice starts to slowly lose its features, such as nicotine concentration and flavor strength. And every time you unlock the package again, the new air gets inside. So always try to use up unsealed bottles and don’t open many products at the same time.

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