How to store e-liquid?

storing e liquid

Every vaper knows that finding and choosing the right e-liquid can be quite a journey. But what to do when you manage to select it and how to store e-liquid, so it keeps fresh for a long time? Let’s find some answers to those questions!

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What is inside of vape juice?

Before we learn how to store e-liquid properly, it is best to figure out which ingredients are part of these products. It’s worth remembering that the vast majority of vape juices are made of the same substances, with only slight differences between their ratios and strengths.

So what will we find on the list? Well, among the ingredients, we can identify water, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycol (VG), sweeteners, natural and/or artificial flavorings as well as nicotine. All the used substances are food grade, which means that vape juices should be stored in the right conditions to prolong their shelf lives.

Can e-liquid go bad?

Why is the proper method of storing vape juice so important? Can it even go rancid?

Yeah, it can.

As we mentioned, e-liquids are made of a couple of food grade ingredients, which means they can expire as any other consumable product. Usually, e-juices have a year or two of shelf life. Of course, you should also take a look at the expiration date of each bottle before you open it up. Storing e-liquids in the right way can allow you to enjoy them in their best form for a long time.

How to store e-liquid?

So, where and how to store e-liquids to keep them from degrading? We should bear in mind that there are three elements that can influence their condition – temperature, air, and light. Heat and light can affect the chemical bonds within the product and ultimately lead to irreversible changes such as diminished flavor and different colors. How about air? It begins the process of oxidation, which changes the chemical composition of your e-liquid. As a result, vape juice also loses its flavor and nicotine concentration.

What does all of this mean? That you should store your vape juices in a dark, cool, and dry place. And, of course, you should refrain from opening all the bottles because it will begin the oxidation of the product. Open only e-liquids that you currently use, and only after you’ve finished them, move to the next one. It’s worth noting that breaking the seal in the package and just smelling the aroma of the product will begin the oxidation process that will diminish both the flavor and nicotine concentration of the blend. You may also try to purchase smaller bottles so you will be able to finish the vape juices quicker before it goes bad.

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Can you refrigerate e-liquid?

Some people may think that in order to prolong the freshness of the vape juice, it will be a good idea to store it in the refrigerator. So, can you do that? Not really. As we know, changes in the temperature can influence the chemical bonds within the e-juice, and it also relates to the cold environment. Your blend is a liquid, and each component may react differently to the drop in temperature – the product may change viscosity or even separate, so stay away from refrigerators.

How to spot if vape juice has gone rancid?

We may store our products correctly, but sometimes we still can notice that some vape juice has started to act funky. What are the main indications of e-liquid gone bad?

  • Change in color

Did your vape juice get darker? Then it’s probably rancid! Change in color is a pretty big clue that the product was exposed to oxygen.

  • Diminished flavor and smell

If you noticed that your e-liquid tastes and smells weaker, it probably happened because it started to go bad. Of course, that means the nicotine concentration will dwindle as well.

  • Change in texture

Any change in the texture of the products – no matter if it becomes thicker or more watery – may indicate that it should no longer be consumed. Sometimes it even can delaminate, and you won’t be able to merge it even after shaking the bottle.

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