How to switch from smoking to vaping?

how to switch from smoking to vaping

More and more smokers are aware of the highly hazardous effects cigarettes have on their health, and they are looking for other alternatives that can help them quit nicotine addiction altogether. Many of them pick vaping as a method that can assist them in curbing their smoking habit. But how to switch from smoking to vaping? Let’s figure it out together!

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Smoking vs vaping

Before we focus on how to change smoking to vaping, we should learn more about both of these actions and the differences and similarities they possess. Both smoking and vaping are focused on the same goal – delivering to your body nicotine, an addicting substance that has relaxing qualities. However, the main difference between smoking and vaping is tobacco, which is present only in traditional cigarettes. This substance is responsible for the majority of health issues caused by smoking, as it emits numerous dangerous chemicals while heated. Numerous studies have shown that smoking leads to the formation of various cancers, raises blood pressure, causes peripheral vascular diseases, and is linked with the increased formation of clots. Knowing that it’s no wonder that smokers across the world want to quit cigarettes. How hard is it to switch from smoking to vaping?

How to switch from smoking to vaping?

Well, it depends. Some people prefer to change their habits gradually, and they slowly reduce the number of cigarettes they consume while increasing their vaping. Others, on the other hand, decide to commit to this switch immediately, and they replace traditional cigarettes with vape kits on the spot. Which option will be best for you, you should decide on your own. But we have a few tips that can help you during this process.

Choose simple starter kit

There’s plenty of vaping devices on the market, but when you’re just starting out, it’s best to reach for the least complicated one. Pick a starter kit that is intuitive and easy to use when you’re figuring out whether vaping is right for you. When you become more experienced, you may switch your gear for something more powerful and with more fancy features.

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Select the right dose of nicotine

As you may have noticed, nicotine levels can vary quite a bit in all the vape juices available on the market, and picking the right one may be a challenge. However, it is essential if you want to satisfy your nicotine craving. If you choose a too weak concentration in your e-liquid, you won’t get satisfaction from vaping, but too strong of a dose will leave you with a pretty severe headache. So how to figure out what nicotine level will be optimal for you?

It is advised that people who have gone through around 20 cigarettes a day should select e-liquids with 18mg of nicotine. Smokers who are used to the range between 10 and 20 cigarettes a day will do best with vape juices with 12mg. And light smokers, who smoked up to 10 cigarettes a day, should stick to products with 3 mg of nicotine. No matter at which level you start, try to reduce the strength of your e-juices with time, and remember that the overall goal should be eliminating this substance altogether.

Find the right vape juice

Your vaping experience will be influenced not only by the device and nicotine strength you select but also by the e-liquid you use. Vape shops have thousands of flavors, and the pressure to choose just one can seem overwhelming. That is why it’s a good idea to buy some sample e-liquid packs that will allow you to test multiple products without purchasing their full sizes. Of course, as a recent smoker, you may also benefit from choosing blends that are most similar to traditional cigarettes. Reach for tobacco, menthol, or mint flavors and introduce more extravagant vape juices once you feel comfortable.

Be patient and go slow

Changing your habits, especially if they’ve been with you for many years, is a challenging task. That is why you should be patient and move at a pace you’re comfortable with. You can start even as slow as switching one cigarette to vaping break and then aim to increase the time you spend vaping instead of smoking.

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