Is vaping safe? 5 things you need to know

vaping safe

With vaping’s popularity growing steadily, it is no surprise that more and more questions about the safety of that habit come to the forefront. So is vaping safe for your health? Let’s focus on the most important things you need to know.  

What is in your e-liquids?

If we want to answer the question about the safety of vaping, we should know which ingredients are present in the e-liquids. The main substances we can find in vape blends are glycerin, propylene glycol, solvents, and numerous aromas that are responsible for the taste of the juices. As we know, the most dangerous ingredient present in e-juices is nicotine, which is highly addictive. It can also cause increased blood pressure and heart rate, lead to narrowing of arteries and ultimately even cause heart attacks. We should note that the key distinction between vape products and traditional cigarettes is the fact that e-liquids don’t contain any tobacco. This substance is widely known as highly cancerous and can lead to the development of numerous other disorders.

Possible health risks of vaping

What does science tell us about the safety of vaping? Over the past 10 years, a lot of research has been done into the effects vaping can have on human health. So far, data has shown that it can sometimes result in respiratory system difficulties such as coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Some studies suggest that vaping may also be linked to oral health issues and increase the probability of cavities, gum inflammation and overall mouth and throat irritation. However, we need to remember that vaping itself is quite a new thing. The first e-cigarettes went on sale in 2004 in China, and it took a few years for the trend to find its way to Europe and America and gain popularity. As a result, the body of research concerning vaping is limited at the moment. Compared to the number of studies done about smoking and its effect, we’re only starting to collect needed data. We should also note that most of the tests, which monitor the health of the lungs, need to be done for a prolonged time, such as 20 or even 30 years. 

Vaping vs traditional cigarettes

We may be at the beginning of studies focused on vaping, but after decades of research, we most definitely know a lot more about smoking and its adverse effects on health. The key element that makes cigarettes so dangerous is tobacco. This particular substance produces thousands of chemicals when burned. Hazardous compounds are then inhaled by the smoker and can wreak havoc on the body, causing the development of cancer and many other diseases. 

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Vaping and assisting in quitting smoking

Vaping is very commonly used by smokers who want to quit traditional cigarettes and live healthier. Not many people realize that this was the true reason behind their creation. The inventor of the first commercial e-cigarette, Hon Lik, was inspired to focus on this particular topic because of his father, a lifelong smoker who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Nowadays, many people choose this route and try to gradually replace smoking with vaping. One of the countries, which had quite the success in encouraging existing smokers to switch to vaping, is the United Kingdom. Over half of the UK’s current vapers (54%) used to smoke cigarettes. 39.8% of the respondents are dual users, and they want to reduce the use of cigarettes, save money, stop smoking or prevent a relapse. Only 0.8% of people who have never smoked cigarettes before are vapers now, which suggests that the definite majority is interested in vaping as a way to quit smoking. 

Who shouldn’t use vape devices?

Are there people who shouldn’t be trying to vape? Of course! Vape products are much safer than smoking, but they still contain nicotine and are not suited for everyone. One of the groups that should be especially discouraged from vaping are teenagers and young adults. Vape products are not advertised or sold to underage people and for a good reason. However, a lot of teens still find a way to obtain them. Various reports show that many high school students regularly use electronic cigarettes. What is more, teenagers often are not even aware that by vaping they consume nicotine. And this substance is particularly dangerous as it can affect brain development in younger people. Besides that, it can lead to the growth of lifetime nicotine addiction. That is why vape products should be kept away from children, teenagers and young adults. The other group that can be harmed by vaping are pregnant women. Nicotine, present in e-liquids, affects not only the mother but the fetus as well. It can weaken the development of the immune system and impair the essential organs of the baby.

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