Is vaping without nicotine safe?

is vaping without nicotine safe

Vaping is well known as one of the best methods for slowly phasing out the harmful addiction to smoking cigarettes. Most ex-smokers decide on e-liquids with nicotine and then slowly start to lower the concentrations of this substance so they can finally quit. That is why most of the vape juices you see in the stores have some kind of level of nicotine – from small doses, all the way to quite potent ones, recommended to heavy smokers. But what about vaping e-liquids without nicotine? Is vaping without nicotine safe? And who can benefit the most from using these types of products? Let’s find out!

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Is vaping safe without nicotine?

Before we focus on e-liquids with and without nicotine, we should learn more about what ingredients are in our vape juices, to begin with. The good news is, the list is pretty short and simple! The main substances include water, propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycol (VG) in different proportions, natural and/or artificial flavors, sweeteners, and nicotine. PG and VG are the base of the vape juices, and depending on their concentrations, they affect the strength of the flavor as well as the size of the vapor. Flavorings and sweeteners create the distinctive taste of each e-liquid and make it delicious to vape. And, of course, the last substance is nicotine. We should mention that all of those elements are food-grade ingredients, and manufacturers often use them in food production. That means they have been tested and are safe for the health of the consumers.

All about nicotine

As we can see, nicotine is the most dangerous ingredient in e-juices simply because it’s addictive when used consistently. Of course, nicotine is also present in traditional cigarettes, but it is paired with highly hazardous tobacco, a substance responsible for various perilous medical conditions smokers often have. But back to vaping! In the vape stores, we can find two types of e-juices with nicotine – freebase nicotine and Nic Salts. The first versions have low to medium concentrations and allow for much slower absorption of nicotine to the body. On the other hand, Nic Salts are similar to traditional cigarettes, and the absorption rate of their nicotine happens within the first 6 or 7 seconds. It is worth remembering that each vaper will enjoy different nicotine concentrations, and it will be highly dependent on the previous experience with nicotine. If someone smoked two packs a day, they will need way higher levels than a person who was just a weekend smoker. Of course, manufacturers also produce nicotine-free e-liquids, and without the nicotine, vape juice won’t be addicting anymore!

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Who will enjoy vaping without nicotine?

As we can deduce, nicotine-free e-juices will be the perfect choice for ex-smokers who successfully managed to phase out their addiction to nicotine, and now they only struggle with the habit of smoking something. They don’t need to use e-liquids, even those with the lowest concentrations of nicotine, and they may focus on stopping vaping altogether. It is worth remembering to go slowly and avoid cutting down nicotine too fast. After many years of constantly smoking something, it may take a few months when they only reach for the vape juices without nicotine. When they are ready, they may stop vaping and start living their lives addiction-free!

Explore the main benefits of nicotine-free e-juices

Of course, that’s not all. There are plenty of other benefits when you’re reaching for e-liquids without nicotine. First of all, such products create a much smoother vaping experience because, without the nicotine, you won’t experience the harsh throat hit, similar to the feeling you have when smoking cigarettes. At the same time, flavors of the e-liquids are more potent and are not obscured by the taste of nicotine. Overall, your vaping experience can become much more pleasurable with nicotine-free products. The other benefit is the lower price of these kinds of vape juices. Most vapers still reach for nicotine-based e-liquids, and versions without this substance are usually cheaper and come in larger bottles. Who else will enjoy vaping without nicotine? Any person who wants to satisfy their sweet tooth without consuming empty calories. There’s plenty of nicotine-free e-juices in spectacular flavors, and they will help to control your cravings.

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