Manual Verification Required

Thank you for your order. Unfortunately your order has been put on a temporary hold for further age verification. We do apologize for the inconvenience. In accordance with the FDA regulations, all orders must be verified for age.

We require a photo or scan of your I.D to verify your age. The easiest solution would be to take a photo of your I.D. with your cellphone and upload it into the attachment box below. The photo of your ID that you send to us will be deleted immediately after you have been verified and will not be stored anywhere. Once we have received your verification photo your order will be shipped out as soon as possible.

You may block out personal information such as your picture or drivers license number. All that is required is your name, address, and your date of birth. Once your age has been successfully verified, you will not need to go through the Age Verification process again on any future orders with us.

Thank you for your cooperation and kind understanding.

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