What Are The Different Types Of Vaping Devices?

What are the different types of vaping devices

Any visit to an online or offline vape store will mean that you will see hundreds of devices. Different brands, sizes, colors, and features… After a while, it’s hard to get your head around all the types of vaping kits. But don’t worry – we’ll tell you what are the types of vaping devices and introduce them to you!

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The first type of device you may come across is the cigalike. How do cigalikes work? As the name suggests, these products are somewhat similar to traditional cigarettes, both in shape and size, as well as the experience they provide. To use them, you don’t need any buttons, as they are draw-activated – you simply inhale and then enjoy the vape. Cigalikes are one of the MTL devices because the users usually take the vapor into their mouth and then move it to their lungs. Cigalikes also try to emulate a ‘throat hit’ you experience while smoking real tobacco. They are affordable, discreet, easy to use, and give you a pretty authentic cigarette experience.

Vape Pens

Next, we move on to Vape Pens, also known as Pod Vapes, Pod Mods, or Pod Vape Pens. You may view them as the more advanced versions of cigalikes. How do vape pens work? They still have a slim and cylindrical shape, similar to these devices, but they are more powerful than their predecessors. A big plus is the possibility of adjusting their settings and choosing either Mouth to Lung or Direct to Lung style of vaping. Vape Pens can have various tank capacities – all the way from below 2 ml to even 5 ml. Thanks to the ease of use, their compact size, excellent cloud production, and the option of adjusting airflow intake to an MTL or DTL, they are a perfect choice for beginners and people who want a hassle-free device.

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Pod Systems

What are the different types of vaping devices worth mentioning? Definitely worth your attention is the Pod System, also known as Pod Mod. These products are gaining popularity among the vaping community for several reasons. What are pod systems? For one, they are viewed as low wattage devices, and they work the best when combined with Nic Salt e-liquids, which contain high nicotine strengths, even up to 50 mg. This combination makes them an outstanding substitute for smoking traditional cigarettes. As a result, the leading group of people who will enjoy them will be new vapers who just transitioned from smoking to vaping. Yet another benefit is their size – Pod Systems also are small, compact, and highly portable, so you can take them with you no matter where you go. They don’t produce as much vapor as other models, which means they are the perfect choice for stealth vaping.

Vape Mods

Last but definitely, not least are Vape Mods, also known as Mods or Mod Boxes! These devices stand out thanks to their bigger size – it means they are equipped with larger batteries as well. As the name suggests, Mods can be altered by the vapers according to their needs and preferred style of vaping. They can modify both settings as well as parts of the equipment. That means you can play with the temperature and power or even change coils and wicks. Of course, each change will also influence the vaping experience. It is easy to see that Vape Mods are definitely one of the most advanced devices on the market, which is why they are recommended to more experienced vapers. The bigger battery and advanced features make them a much pricier product than the rest of the vape devices on the market.

So which vaping device will you choose to add to your collection?

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