What Are Vape Mods?

what are vape mods

In vape stores across the world, you will find various models of vaping devices – some are designed for beginners, some for more experienced users. While browsing through the shelves or web pages, you must have stumbled on vape mods as well. What are vape mods, and who will benefit the most from using them? Let’s find out more about this issue!

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Vape mods – basics facts

Vape mods are easily recognizable because of their unique design. In contrast to traditional vape pens, which are sleek, long, and highly discreet, vape mods tend to be much bigger and have a shape closer to a rectangle than a tube. How vape mods work? Their unique build tells us a lot about the possibilities they offer as well – thanks to the larger casing, these devices can hold much bigger batteries than traditional vape pens. And a bigger battery means that vape mods provide more power to feed the apparatus. Some models have changeable batteries, atomizers, and tanks as well.

How do vape mods work?

Mods work similar to the other vape devices – the battery produces power that heats up the coil located inside the atomizer. The e-juice travels to the wick and coil, and when it meets high temperature, it turns into vapor, which travels through the mouthpiece to the user who can enjoy a delicious puff.

The overall principle is the same, but while talking about what are vape mods we have to mention that they are more advanced and come with additional features, which is why they are so loved by many vapers. They are also customizable, which means that each user can set the ideal preferences and achieve the most enjoyable experience. Vapers can adjust the wattage, power, and temperature of their mod – all of that allows them to change the way they vape and match it to their liking. For example, many users prefer to vape with more power delivered to the atomizer because such settings result in impressive cloud production, full flavor, and intense throat hits.

Of course, each person should work up their way to such potent hits, as it’s not recommended to beginners. It is worth mentioning that users also appreciate control over temperature as it enables them to achieve not too hot and not too dry hits. Often, because of their bigger size, they are also equipped with an LED or OLED screen, which allows you to see all the current settings of your device.

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Who should use vape mods?

A unique range of features means that some vapers will be much happier with vape mods and others with smaller and less powerful devices. Due to the fact how vape mods work, it will be the best choice for more seasoned users who have already taken their time to figure out what they like the most about vaping. They know their own preferences quite well by now, and they want a device that can be modified to their needs. Another group of users who will appreciate vape mods are vapers who like to try new things and have both the time and energy to play with their device in order to customize it. Of course, these devices will be a good choice for users who value the ability to create large clouds of vapor, have long battery life, and are a highly durable product. If that sounds like you, then go ahead and reach for your very own vape mod.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for straightforward, sleek, and discrete devices that won’t create much vapor and allow you to vape on the go, then you should choose something else. Vape mods will be too much to handle for you.

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