What can you vape besides e-juice?

what to vape besides e juice

For the most part, when we think about vaping, all we have in our heads are e-liquids. And there are plenty of them! From delicious fruity blends, through refreshing minty e-juices, all the way to the crazy breakfast mixes that taste like our childhood. But are vape juices the only products that can be vaped? Let’s find the answer to that question!

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What you shouldn’t vape?

Before we move on to substances that can be vaped besides e-liquids, we should focus on those that definitely shouldn’t be anywhere near a vaping device. After all, this list is way longer, and in many cases, it may pose a grave danger to your health. So which ingredients need to be avoided at all costs? Stay away from:

  • alcohol,
  • honey,
  • corn syrup,
  • coconut oil,
  • essential oils,
  • pure concentrates.

Adding those or some other substances to your vape will almost certainly lead to some damage. Just think about it – honey is way too thick and will clog the device. And alcohol? When the coil gets heated, it will burn pretty rapidly, probably leaving a torched wick in your atomizer on top of that. Vape kits are designated for specific uses, and they contain various delicate elements that should not be messed with if you want your vape to last. What to vape besides e-juice?

What can i put in my vap besides e-juice?


How about good old H2O? Can you vape it? Well, you may try to, but the result certainly won’t blow you away. Water won’t create vapor, and it certainly doesn’t contain any flavor. Not to mention the lack of nicotine, a pretty significant substance that most clients prefer to have in their vape. So, water won’t provide any fun, that’s for sure.


As you may have noticed, CBD has been gaining ground for several years. It is available in many products – food, candy, cosmetics, drops, and more. But did you know you can also vaporize it? In the stores, you will find more and more vaping CBD oils. However, it is worth remembering that CBD oil in its pure form is not suitable for vaporization – it is intended only for oral consumption in accordance with the instructions on the package and should not be heated. The products that can be used with the e-cigarette are nothing but CBD vape juices, and their ingredients are very similar to regular e-liquids.

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Vaping CBD is a little bit more complicated, and when you’re looking for the right product, you need to figure out the correct dosage for yourself. You need to take into account such factors as body weight, body chemistry, and your previous experience with CBD. For example, if you weigh between 151 and 240 lbs, you should start from around 18 mg and gradually go up. For vaping CBD, you may purchase a new device or use the one for your regular e-liquids. Be sure to go slow and begin with the lowest possible dose. If needed, you can steadily increase the measurement by 5 mg.


Another substance that can be vaped is tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. This active cannabinoid in marijuana has psychoactive properties, and it can treat various pain or side effects from therapies like chemotherapy.

Dry herb vape pens

For dry herbs, you may use portable or desktop vaporizers. First, you need to grind the cannabis – go for fine to medium grind. Then you may put it in the herb chamber and pack it firmly, so the surface is flat. Next, you can turn on the vape and set the temperature.

Wax vape pens

In wax vaporizers, you will use a thicker substance, so they must be properly designed. In addition, these devices usually operate at a higher temperature, so they must have atomizers made of durable materials such as quartz or ceramics.

Oil vape pens

These types of devices are one of the most convenient models, and users appreciate their simplicity. Some are sold with pre-filled cartridges, and others need to be refilled via a drip tool. Oil tends to last longer as it doesn’t burn that quickly.

If you want to vape other substances, you can! The trick is getting the correct device! Using the wrong material in products that are not adapted to it will lead to their damage. And it certainly won’t taste good!

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