What Is In Zero Nicotine E-juice?

What Is In Zero Nicotine E-juice?

The majority of vapers reach for e-liquids, which contain at least a little bit of nicotine. Some of them prefer higher concentrations, some milder, but it allows them to still experience the rush while choosing a healthier option than smoking cigarettes. Of course, there are also users who select vaping nicotine-free products, and they focus on the taste and feel of the experience rather than the hit provided by the stimulant. But what is in zero nicotine e-juice? Let’s learn more about all the crucial ingredients!

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Secrets of nicotine-free e-liquids

Some people may think that nicotine-free e-liquids are entirely different from regular e-liquids, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. All of those blends have similar ingredients, and they include such elements as vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, natural and/or artificial flavorings, and sweeteners. What is in zero nicotine e-juice and what is the purpose of each substance?

  • VG and PG serve as the base of the vape juice, and their ratio will have a pretty significant impact on the overall feel of the product. Versions with a higher concentration of VG will give you much more impressive cloud production and a smoother taste. On the other hand, PG will provide you with a more potent throat hit but less vapor.
  • As their name suggests, sweeteners give the e-liquid a much sweeter taste. Among the most famous ones, we can highlight sucralose, erythritol, ethyl maltol, and stevia. E-juices with sweeteners are a great choice if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, but without consuming unnecessary calories. Of course, you can also find products without this addition if you don’t like the sugary taste it leaves.
  • With no nicotine in the mix, the flavor of the product becomes the most vital part of the formula. It is made by adding natural and/or artificial flavorings to the mixture. Of course, you can choose from thousands of different e-liquids, and finding something for yourself shouldn’t be a problem.

Nicotine-free e-liquids contain pretty much only the ingredients we just mentioned, so it’s easy to see that the only missing thing would be the nicotine itself.

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Effects of vaping without nicotine – is it healthier?

The short answer is yes. As we mentioned before, all e-liquids have similar ingredients, but the presence of nicotine can have a pretty significant impact on your health. After all, this substance is highly addictive and is the main reason why cigarettes and vape devices are so hard to put down. Nicotine can make you feel more relaxed and improve your ability to concentrate. But it also has plenty of negative implications, such as the increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and hardening of arterial walls.

That is why if you want to continue to vape for a long time, nicotine-free products may be a perfect choice, because the effects of vaping without nicotine won’t be as harmful to you as the one with nicotine. Of course, health benefits are not the only ones these vapes can offer! You will experience much smoother hits, and you won’t feel a harsh “throat hit” caused by nicotine as well.

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