What is salt nic?

what is salt nic

Any customer who tried to buy e-liquid for their vaping device will know about the existence of salt nics. But what is salt nic juice, and what kinds of benefits do they offer to vapers around the world? Let’s find out a little bit more about these products!

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What is salt nic juice?

Before we move on to nic salts, we have to learn more about the freebase nicotine, which is also used in regular e-liquids. This substance comes from tobacco leaves, and during its extraction process, all the impurities are removed. As a result, we get nicotine in its purest form. Unfortunately, freebase nicotine also comes with high alkalinity, and its PH level reaches around 9. It means that it also creates a very harsh throat hit while vaping. Of course, the higher the level of freebase nicotine, the rougher the experience for the vaper. So, in order to create products with high nicotine levels and milder throat hits, manufacturers have to reduce the alkalinity of the e-liquid. How to do that? As you may remember from chemistry classes, the best way to achieve that is by adding an acid to the solution. As a result, the vape juice will have a much more neutral PH, and it won’t be as irritating to the user.

How are nic salts so smooth?

So how are nic salts made? Freebase nicotine is combined with all the usual e-juice ingredients such as propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), sweeteners, and various flavorings. However, on top of that, manufacturers add benzoic acid to the mixture, which lowers the PH levels of vaping juice. As a result, the alkalinity of the blend gets reduced, and e-liquid can be vaped at lower temperatures. All of this also means that the product offers much smoother throat hits, and users can enjoy a much better vaping experience. Of course, it is worth mentioning that salt nics come in various delicious flavors that make vaping even more pleasant. Very often, brands manufacture the same blends as both freebase e-juice and salt nic e-liquid.

Who will benefit the most from salt nics?

Well, because the salt nics have much higher levels of nicotine than regular e-juices, they will be especially suitable for people who want to quit smoking and choose to use vaping as a help. That way, those smokers can slowly move from high nicotine strengths to lower ones and gradually phase out their addiction. Salt nics also offer an experience quite similar to smoking traditional cigarettes, and that makes them an even better option for those who look for a switch to a healthier solution. Of course, we should also mention that devices that work the best with salt nics are really user-friendly, which makes them an excellent choice for customers who want to vape but don’t want to deal with very high-tech products.

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What is the best nic salt juice?

Because salt nics are different from regular freebase e-juices, it is only fair that they will need slightly modified devices as well. These products perform the best with vape kits that have lower wattage. The vast majority of those devices are very sleek and perfect for vaping on the go. Often, they also operate through draw-activated firing systems, which are really comfortable to use. What is the best nic salt juice? Among the devices commonly used with salt nics, you will find such models as Uwell Caliburn G, Smok Novo 4, or Voopoo Vinci. And that’s just the beginning of the list!

Main pros of salt nicotine e-liquids

One of the main benefits of nic salts is their user-friendliness. As we already mentioned, they’re usually paired with vaping devices that are really straightforward and hassle-free, and that makes them great for people who switch from smoking to vaping. Another pro of nic salts is the smooth taste they provide. Even though users experience higher nicotine levels, the throat hits are way milder than those that come from freebase e-liquids with a similar amount of nicotine. Nic salts have another advantage over regular vape juices, and that is the faster absorption rate of the nicotine.

The speed is similar to traditional cigarettes, and the substance enters the bloodstream in about 6 or 7 seconds. Of course, because nic salts deliver nicotine in a more efficient way, vapers will need to consume less e-liquid. As a result, they can buy fewer vaping products and save some money. The higher absorption rate of these products is also the reason why nic salts are usually sold in packages that contain only 30 ml of e-liquid, unlike freebase e-juices which are available even in 100 ml bottles. Yet another benefit of salt nics is their shelf life, which is even longer than that of regular e-liquids. Why is that? Because the solution is more chemically stable and the risk of faster oxidation of the product is considerably reduced.

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