What is the difference between pod systems and vape mods?

Difference between pod and mod vape

The vaping industry keeps rapidly growing and introducing new exciting products. No wonder that at times it may be confusing, both for the newcomers as well as vaping veterans. Innovation seems to be focused especially on all of the vaping devices entering the market nowadays. One of the most pressing questions among the vapers is about differences between pod systems and vape mods. Let’s learn more about this topic. 

What are vape mods?

Before we can talk about differences between those two types of devices we should learn more about them individually. So what are vape mods? They are vaping devices in the shape of a box, much bigger and more advanced than their standard counterparts. Thanks to the larger size they can be equipped with larger batteries as well. But the key word in here is “mod” which suggests that these devices are modifiable. And that’s one of their biggest advantages for many vape enthusiasts! Vape mods can be customized in many ways by their users. They can change various elements such as atomizers, coils, wicks and batteries, forming a device that perfectly suits their needs. Vapers can regulate the temperature of the mod, which allows them to produce optimal hit which sits perfectly between being too dry or too hot. Users can adjust wattage and power as well, creating vapour that delivers more potent throat hits. Vape mods can be also used for sub-ohm vaping which enables users to taste much more intense flavours and generate more prominent clouds. 

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What are pod systems?

Now that we know a little bit more about vape mods, we can move on to the pod systems. These devices are stronger than traditional vape pens or e-cigarettes but are still less powerful than mods. Vapers all around the world love them for their compact size as well as sleek and polished designs. Thanks to these features pod systems are perfect devices for anyone who’s always on the go and wants to keep vaping discreetly throughout the day. It’s important to mention that pods systems work particularly well with nicotine salts. This feature is possible because they combine low temperature and high power. As we all know, nic salts have way stronger nicotine levels than traditional e-juices. That is why they are especially popular among former smokers, who are used to the high content of this ingredient. Some of them use vaping with nic salts as a way of phasing out their nicotine addiction and slowly reducing its strength. These types of e-liquids are also well-liked by vapers who prefer more potent throat hits during vaping. 

Pod systems vs. vape mods – what’s the difference?

So, which vaping device should you choose – pod system or vape mod? Well, as always, it depends. You should definitely look into your lifestyle and the preferred style of vaping. If you like huge clouds of vapour and love tasting every bit of your e-juice, then consider mods. Additional features and ability to customize your device will keep you busy and excited for a while. But if you’re more interested in stealth vaping and if you value portability, then check out some pod systems. They provide less flavour and vapour but can pack a strong hit of nicotine. Of course, the best way of finding your preferred devices leads through trial and error. You should experiment with various equipment to find the one that suits you the best. Of course, you can also choose different devices for different occasions – on weekends and in the afternoons you can enjoy all-powerful mods and choose more discreet pods when you have to go to work.

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