What sweetener is used in vape juice?

what sweetener is used in e juice

Many vapers around the world completely adore sweet and smooth e-liquids, and such flavor profiles as bakery, candy, and desserts regularly break records of popularity. No wonder – such blends are utterly delicious! But have you ever wondered what sweeteners are used in your favorite vape juices? Let’s learn more about the most common ingredients and their main properties!

What sweetener is in vape juice?


The most commonly used sweetener on the vaping market is sucralose. And it doesn’t come as a surprise! Sucralose is much stronger than most of the other sweeteners, and formulas only require a small amount of it to create an intense sugary taste. If you get that distinctive “sugar lips” feeling from your e-liquid, then you can bet it is because of the addition of sucralose. It is worth remembering that this particular substance is often used not only in vape juices but also in many popular diet sodas. And in stores, you will find this artificial sweetener under the name Splenda. The strong sugary taste is definitely a plus for many customers, but sucralose has some drawbacks as well. One of the main ones? It often causes build-up on the coils, which can lead to their quicker use. After using e-juices with sucralose, you will probably see that there is some black gunk that appears when the sweetener gets burned. If you want to try some sweeteners that are more gentle on your coils, don’t worry – there are some other options.

Ethyl Maltol

Yet another option on our list is ethyl maltol. This substance is not a sweetener per se but more of a flavor enhancer. It doesn’t work on the sweetness receptors on our tongues however it still can sweeten up any vape juice as it provides a taste quite similar to cotton candy. So if you want to add some candy feeling to the blends, then definitely choose ethyl maltol as your sweetener. It is excellent at bringing out the sweetness of other flavors in the mix.


Another great sweetener? It has to be erythritol, a sugar alcohol made from fermented corn. It is a less sweet option that has about 70% of the sweetness of sucrose. So if that substance is in your e-juice, you don’t have to worry about “sugar lips”’ feeling. What is interesting, erythritol can provide a slight cooling sensation that can be somewhat compared to menthol. One of its main advantages? Erythritol is heat stable and doesn’t caramelize, so it won’t create gunk that leads to wear and tear of your coils.

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Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

Not many users realize that one of the most common ingredients found in vape juices also can be a pretty great sweetener. What exactly are we talking about? Of course, it is none other than vegetable glycerine. VG has a slightly sweet taste, and it is even commonly used to sweeten various foods. That is why higher concentrations of vegetable glycerin can not only cause bigger and denser clouds, but often it can also act as a sweetener in a formula. The good news is, VG doesn’t tend to promote coil gunk, so it’s a pretty good choice for your vaping devices.


Stevia is a relatively new, plant-based sweetener that is slightly less intense than sucralose, but it still provides a pretty good amount of sweetness. Unfortunately, similarly to the sucralose, it will leave on your coils a lot of gunk, created during caramelization.

Natural sweeteners

Of course, we have to remember that flavor concentrates can also be used to sweeten the formula. They are not part of the traditional sweeteners we mentioned before, but they certainly have the ability to add or elevate sweetness to the product. They can work especially well for vapers who don’t like overly sweet e-liquids and prefer something more subtle. Which flavors are the most popular? Commonly used are Marshmallow, Caramel, Maple Syrup, Pear, Apple, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Custard, Toffee, Marzipan, Mango, Meringue, and many others.

Sweetener popularity

Now that we know, what sweetener is in vape juice, it is important to note that sweeteners are used not only in the e-juices created by famous manufacturers. Vapers themselves can also add various sweeteners to their blends if they want to experience a more sugary taste. However, it is best to be cautious. For example, sweeteners placed in the tart and sour vape juices can perfectly balance them and create great blends. But if they are added to already sweet flavor profiles such as desserts, bakery, creamy, or candy, it most likely will be way too much. It’s a quick way to sweetness overload! We also have to remember that some sweeteners can build-up with time and lead to faster wear of the coils. So each vaper needs to decide which element is more significant – sweetness or the lifespan of the coils.

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