What’s the Difference Between Vaping and E-Cigarettes?

What's the difference between vaping and e cigarettes?

E-cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigalikes, vape pens, vapes – the list of names we usually use to describe a vaping device continues. But are all of those terms correct? Are e-cigarettes and vaping the same thing? Let’s find out.

Quick history lesson

Before we focus on the right terminology, we should remind ourselves when vaping even started? Scientists around the world have worked on developing e-cigarettes for many years, with attempts reaching even the early 1920s. However, the first true e-cigarette was created in the 21st century, and more precisely, in 2003 by a Chinese pharmacist and smoker, Hon Lik. He registered the patent for the design of e-cigarette in the same year, and the first commercial model was launched in China in 2004. The other companies quickly followed with their own designs, and soon on the market, we could find various models of electronic cigarettes. The innovation in the industry led to the appearance of second-generation devices, which included both rechargeable and disposable vape pens. Then followed the third generation, which introduced powerful mechanical mods. The next generation focused on the development of very sleek and portable vaping devices as well as Sub ohm tanks, known for their low electrical resistance. As we can see, in several years, electronic cigarettes evolved into much more complex vaping devices.

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What is an e-cigarette?

E-cigarettes are devices that usually look very similar to traditional cigarettes, and their role is imitating them both in look and feel. They are constructed with a minimal number of parts into one long unit that can’t be modified or taken apart by the user. Inside of them, we can find batteries, which in most cases are disposable, and e-liquid cartridges – also disposable. When activated, the battery inside the electronic cigarette heats up the cartomizer, which consists of a heating coil wrapped in polyfill. E-liquid is soaked up by the polyfill and heated up, which allows it to turn into vapor. The main idea behind electronic cigarettes is the creation of a simple, affordable device that can be immediately used by the consumer and then easily thrown away after it runs out of battery and e-liquid.

What is a vaping device?

Vaping devices are designed to last much longer and offer vapers possibilities of their modifications to their liking. In stores, we can find various models of vaping devices designed for different needs of vapers all over the world. But all of those products have similar parts and work in an analogous way.

  • Device – It is the frame that holds all the necessary parts of any vaping device. The designs of those devices can be very different, depending on the type of the product – from slim and sleek models like in vape pens and pod systems to more bulky ones like we can see in the vape mods. Of course, the main function of the device is transporting the power from the battery and transferring it to the atomizer.
  • Battery – Depending on the model, some of the devices will have built-in batteries that can be recharged, and others are equipped with replaceable ones.
  • Atomizer – Atomizer supports coils and wick, which are necessary elements for converting vape juice into the flavored vapor.
  • Coils – Coils are made from pieces of resistance wire and formed in the shape of a spring. They can provide different amounts of heat and convert e-liquid into vapor at varying speeds.
  • Wick – It assists in delivering vape juice to the coils.
  • Display screen – More advanced vaping devices will also have OLED display screens, which help in managing the device.
  • Mouthpiece – It helps to comfortably vape.

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