Is vaping better than smoking?

vaping smoking

During the 21st century vaporizing took the world by storm, quickly inspiring many people to change their habits and focus on vaping instead of smoking. But why is vaporizing better than smoking? Let’s find out the main reasons!

The negative health effects of smoking

First, let’s focus on smoking itself and why it is universally considered a dangerous habit. We all know that cigarette packets are labelled with various warnings and photos depicting hazardous medical conditions caused by the tobacco. And it’s really not a surprise – there are decades of research that confirm numerous negative effects smoking has on human organisms. One of the most recognized and deadly diseases, caused by cigarettes is cancer, which can affect the throat, lungs, stomach, kidneys, testicles and cervix. Smokers can also often develop various heart diseases, as their blood pressure and heart rate increases. Tar, present in cigarettes, can thicken the blood and tighten the arteries, which causes the formation of clots. Blood flows slower to other organs as well and can result in aneurysm or stroke. Of course, the research that will allow us to learn about all the effects of vaping is still pending. There simply wasn’t that much time to get to know everything yet and compared to our knowledge about smoking, we are at the beginning of the way. However, none of the studies completed so far suggests that vaping is as nearly dangerous as smoking. It’s easy to see that anyone who values their own health will benefit from quitting smoking – the sooner, the better. 

Why is vaporizing better?

As we mentioned before, vaping doesn’t involve the most dangerous substance for smokers, which is, of course, tobacco. The ingredient list of e-liquids is way shorter, and it includes nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol, solvents and numerous flavours which is the reason vape juices taste so good. One of the big advantages vaping has are the various nicotine options. Vapers can choose to use salt nics, which provide higher percentages of nicotine, stronger flavour and more potent throat hits. And there are products with lower levels of nicotine as well. Freebase solutions are much smoother and recommended for less experienced vapers or someone who wants to quit altogether. Of course, users can also pick vape juice versions without nicotine and simply enjoy the taste of their selected blends. 

Using vaping to quit smoking

It is essential to mention that the real reason behind the invention of modern electronic cigarettes was its impact on quitting smoking. As we all know, the first e-cigarette was created in 2003 by Hon Lik, a pharmacist and lifelong smoker. But not many people recognize that this 52-year-old Chinese man was inspired to pursue this particular idea because of his father who was diagnosed with lung cancer, and after a few years died because of it. Right now, many people use vape devices to help them transition off the cigarettes and lead healthier lives. 

Ease of use, discretion and portability

Who wasn’t suddenly disrupted during a smoke break? If you are ever interrupted, you can simply put the vape device right into your pocket and go on about your day as usual. You don’t have to throw away the unfinished cigarette and waste most of the product. It’s also easier to smoke on the go and be subtle about it. Taking the device out will take you only seconds, and you will be able to enjoy your vaping experience in no time. E-liquid smoke is much more pleasant for the nose of friends and family as well, so likely they won’t chase you away to vape outside. 

More flavour options

There are various cigarettes flavours available such as menthol, spearmint, apple, cherry, chocolate, rum, vanilla and others. They are usually inserted into the tobacco, filter, or cigarette paper. However, the number of those options can’t compete with the wide selection of vaping juices. Vape companies offer not only simple, one-flavoured e-liquids but many mouthwatering blends as well. With that amount of options, anyone will find their favourites, and more adventurous vapers can try to create their own mixtures if they wish. 

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Vaping is cheaper than smoking cigarettes

Another benefit that attracts users to vaping is the lower cost of that habit. In many countries around the world, prices of cigarettes are continuing to rise, which is caused by many restrictions placed on tobacco companies. That trend is likely to remain. Vaping requires higher initial cost, which is related to purchase of the e-cigarette, but overall is cheaper. Vape devices can last really long, and you can buy replacement coils, cartridges and batteries if yours start to lose their efficiency. The only type of product you will need to purchase on a regular basis are vape juices of your liking. Luckily, hundreds of manufacturers offer delicious and reasonably priced e-liquids. 

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