PACT ACT - Shipping Announcement

PACT ACT Vape Mail Announcement

In December 2020, a congressional amendment to the PACT Act was signed into the law as part of the omnibus spending bill. The effect of this new law broadens the definition of tobacco products to include electronic cigarettes, vapes, eLiquids and vaping accessories. This means that after March 26th online retailers will be required to collect state and local excise taxes on vaping products and require Adult Signature (21+) on all deliveries nationwide. Other compliance requirements include labeling and packaging, record-keeping, and State and Federal registration and reporting.

Beginning in late April, we will no longer be able to ship vapor products via USPS. Unfortunately, FedEx, UPS and DHL have voluntarily issued internal policy changes to stop the shipment of vapor products as well. Given this, we will not be able to ship to P.O. Boxes, APO, Hawaii, or Alaska at that time.

At Vape Royalty, we are committed and working diligently to ensure that we are in compliance with the PACT Act’s rules and regulations. We will be using a new shipping solution which is in compliance with different state and federal laws. Beginning April 2nd, we will begin transitioning to the new shipping solution which will be available for customers in certain regions of the U.S. The option will be shown at checkout.

Unfortunately, coverage will be limited in the initial rollout and we may not be able to serve our entire customer base due to lack of regional carrier service. However, as the carrier’s coverage expands, we will make sure shipping services are made available as soon as possible. If we are unable to ship to your State, a notification will be indicated at checkout. If it is a temporary pause, we are working closely with the State to resume sales as soon as possible. Please check in with us in a few weeks as our shipping options will continue to expand.

Moving forward, all shipments will require an adult signature (21+) with I.D. check upon delivery, according to law. This will incur a $7 fee at checkout. We strongly advise shipping your orders to your place of work.


Please read our PACT ACT FAQ before sending us a message.

This means that An adult (21 years of age or older) is required to provide a valid government-issued ID to the delivery employee and sign for the package. This additional step will add a $7 fee onto every order.

We are mandated by law to send all packages with Adult Signature Required. Please do not ask us to waive the adult signature as we are lawfully unable to do so.

Considering that this $7 fee applies whether you buy two bottles or twenty, we highly recommend purchasing in bulk, making your savings twofold. Our low prices are designed to help you save money, and placing a larger purchase means fewer orders over time, helping you save even more.

We highly suggest shipping your order to your place of work.

If you have a restrictive schedule, by buying in bulk, you can stock up in fewer shipments and reduce the extra steps needed.

Yes. With the new regulations related to the PACT Act, we will be required to collect state and local excise taxes on all vaping products.

The amount of taxes owed will depend on your shipping address because they are on a state and municipality level, and our system is set up to calculate these taxes for you.

Please see our State by State Excise Tax Breakdown

If no adult is home to sign for your package, the delivery carrier will try again the following business day. The carrier in total will make 3 delivery attempts. If no one was available to sign for the package within the 3 attempts the package will be sent back to us.

Once we receive your shipment back, you will be notified that a refund in store credit has been issued to your account, in which you can use to re-place the order. Please note, the refund in store credit will be for the order total minus the cost of shipping.

Yes. At checkout you will see a separate line item for the Adult Signature Fee, Sales Tax Fee and Excise Tax Fee. Our system is setup to calculate the cost of excise and sales tax owed based on the state and municipality level that we are shipping your order to.