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OMG E Liquid - Online Vape Store - Vape Royalty
OMG E Liquid – Online Vape Store – Vape Royalty

OMG WTF eJuice features three delicious fruity candy flavors. These flavors will have you coming back for more. OMG eLiquid include WTF Strawberry Sourbelt, WTF on Ice, and SMH.

You won’t believe how good the OMF e liquid is!

Are you looking for some great candy flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth? How about you try one of the OMG e-liquids? This brand will surprise you with high quality ingredients, unique mixes, and affordable prices. The line of OMG vape juices may be short, but each blend is a true masterpiece, bringing you some of the tastiest fruity candy flavors. So what kind of vape e-liquids will you find in their collection? The true star of the brand is OMG WTF Strawberry Sourbelt vape juice, which is perceived as the very best strawberry sour belt on the market. The blend welcomes you with sweet strawberry licorice candy flavor and then adds some hints of sourness on the exhale. With just a few puffs, you will forget that you actually haven’t bought any sour belts from a candy store! Are you ready to try it?

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Of course, OMG vape made sure to include some other variations of their star blend. If you want to experience some refreshment, pick OMG WTF ICE Strawberry Sourbelt, which has cool menthol on the exhale. It’s a perfect choice for sunny and hot days. And for enthusiasts of tasty fruit duos, the brand has prepared OMG SMH Strawberry Kiwi blend, which mixes ripe strawberries with slightly tart kiwi. As a result, you get the best of both worlds – sweet and sour! Are OMG vape juices not enough for you? Do you want to find even more delicious candy blends? Then browse through the rest of our offers and pick your new favorites. Of course, you can select various other vape flavor profiles as well. The more, the merrier!


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OMG – WTF ICE Strawberry Sourbelt 120mL

Strawberry Sour Belt Candy with Menthol


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OMG – WTF Strawberry Sourbelt 120mL

Strawberry Sour Belt Candy


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