Everything you need to know about vaping

facts about vaping

Are you interested in starting your vaping journey? Or maybe you’re already an avid vaper, but you want to learn more about this phenomenon? Let’s get to know all the essential facts about vaping!

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What you need to know about vaping

Where did vaping come from?

First of all, you should know that vaping is a somewhat new invention. Of course, scientists around the globe worked on this subject for many years, with research dating even as early as the 1920s. However, the first electronic cigarette that serves as a base for the current devices was invented only in 2003. The discovery is attributed to Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik who wanted to develop a healthier alternative to smoking. In just several short years, vaping became popular across the world, and nowadays, it is widespread in the US, Europe, UK, Asia, and Australia.

Why is vaping better than smoking?

You’ve probably heard that many smokers turn to vape and perceive it as a healthier way to consume nicotine. But makes vaping better? After all, both cigarettes and vape kits focus on delivering nicotine to your body. Yes, that is true, but cigarettes also contain tobacco, and this substance makes all the difference. When heated, it produces thousands of hazardous components that lead to numerous health issues. Among the most popular ones is the formation of various forms of cancer in such organs as the throat, tongue, gullet, lungs, stomach, kidneys, testicles, and cervix. On top of that, tobacco can increase blood pressure, thicken the blood and promote the development of clots.

You don’t have to vape with nicotine

Yes, most vape juices contain various levels of nicotine – from 3 or 6 mg through 12 mg and all the way to 24 mg. Some of them can even hold an impressive 50 or 60 mg, but you don’t have to go that high. It is worth remembering that many manufacturers have in their offer nicotine-free products as well. They allow you to enjoy the taste of the vape juice and the overall vaping experience.

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Vaping is banned in certain countries

As you may suspect, the legislation surrounding vaping varies from country to country. In some places, this action is allowed from 18 years old, and in others from 21. However, there are many places where vaping is banned altogether. Where? On the list, you will find  Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Uruguay, Kuwait, and India. Of course, when you’re traveling, always check the rules of the region you’re going to.

How many vaping devices are there?

Customers around the world can choose from various models of vaping devices and match them according to their needs and experience. Of course, there are starting kits for beginners which are easy to use and allow each person to figure out whether vaping is right for them. On the other hand, pod kits will work best for people who value portability, great design and like to engage in some stealth vaping. And box mods are a marvelous idea for users who prefer much more powerful devices and aim for customization. As the name suggests, box mods allow modifications and provide control over all the main features.

Does vaping etiquette exist?

Though vaping is much healthier than smoking, there are still some rules that you should abide by if you don’t want to upset anyone. Usually, it is best to refrain from vaping in closed public places like restaurants, bars, hotels, offices and other businesses. You certainly can vape in areas designed especially for smokers. And if you’re not sure if you should vape in certain social situations, it is best to just ask your companions if they won’t mind.

E-liquid mixing is allowed

As you may have noticed, vape stores are filled to the brim with numerous versions of e-juices, and most customers won’t have a problem with finding their favorite flavors. But if you’re not one of them, you can always try to prepare your very own vape liquids. You will have to experiment a little bit, but online you can find plenty of easy recipes that will get you going. Of course, you should be careful and follow the instructions prepared by more experienced vapers.

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