How Long Does A Disposable Vape Pen Last?

How long does a disposable vape pen last

Disposable vape pens are quite popular, and it’s not a surprise. They are light, portable, and can be enjoyed on the go. You can throw them into your bag, purse, or even pocket, and you will hardly notice their presence. But many people may wonder how long does the battery last on a disposable vape pen and if it is an affordable solution in the long run? Let’s find out!

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How long will my disposable vape pen last?

The lifespan of most disposable vapes will be expressed not in hours or amount of total charges but rather in the number of draws you will be able to get from your device. It should be provided by each manufacturer as the longevity of the product will be linked to the brand and components used in its development. Of course, this number is only an approximation – the fact of how long disposable vape pen last will depend on several distinct factors. What are those aspects?


The type and power of the battery used in the disposable vape pen is the most significant factor. Why? Because all the other components can work perfectly, but if the battery runs out first, you still won’t be able to use the device anymore. Usually, brands try to calculate the power of their batteries so they will stop working just before you finish vaping all the e-juice.

Length of the draws

As we mentioned before, when it comes to disposable vape pens, their longevity is usually described in the number of available draws. That is why the length of them will have a pretty significant impact on the overall time you will be able to spend on vaping. The longer your draws are, the more e-juice they consume. As a result, your device will be emptied quicker with that style of vaping.


The next important aspect is the temperature. Usually, disposable vape pens are available with pre-set temperatures, which can be both high and low. Which one will affect how long does a disposable vape pen last? Of course, the higher setting! Elevated temperature means that the coil will burn at a much faster pace and, as we know, the device can’t work with the damaged one.

Can you reuse disposable vape pens?

No – as the name suggests, they are completely disposable and should be thrown out when they’re no longer serving their purpose. Of course, they are refillable vape pens as well, but even those products can be used only several times before you need to get rid of them. Disposable vape pens are not the most ecologic choice as they need to be thrown out after they run out of battery. For this reason, they are also not the cheapest solution on the market. However, they may be a good choice for clients who simply want to try vaping and see if they will like this experience. In this situation, they don’t want to buy a pricey and highly advanced device – only if they find vaping to be enjoyable, they may decide to spend more money and time on this particular hobby.

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What to choose?

If you decide that vaping is something worth pursuing, and want to have a more lasting device, there are plenty of refillable and reusable options worth checking out. In the vape stores, you will find numerous slim and portable models as well! They can be carried with you anywhere and won’t take much space. It’s worth mentioning that more advanced devices also come with larger e-liquid tanks and more powerful batteries, so you won’t have to worry about your vape kit suddenly dying when you’re out and about.

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