Is vaping considered smoking?

is vaping considered smoking

Are you thinking of switching from smoking to vaping? Then you probably are wondering what is the difference between smoking and vaping and what kind of benefits are waiting for you. Let’s find out what science says about this matter!

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Is vaping considered smoking? To answer this question, let’s clarify what these activities are.

What is smoking?

Let’s start with the activity that has been with us for many, many years – smoking. We may define it as the act of inhaling and then exhaling the fumes of burning plant material, usually tobacco.

The history of smoking is a long one, and it reaches back to Native Americans who liked to burn tobacco leaves. This habit was introduced to Europe by none other than Christopher Columbus and various other explorers who visited America. Soon, it gained worldwide popularity, which lasts till this day.

Of course, smoking didn’t always mean cigarettes! Back in the day, tobacco was smoked in pipes or cigars and even simply chewed by people. In the West, smoking mostly took off in the 20th century, and by 1965, half of the American men and one-third of women smoked at least 100 cigarettes per year.

What is vaping?

As we may suspect, vaping is a much newer discovery. Of course, scientists wanted to create an electronic cigarette for years, and research on this topic dates as far as the 1920s. Despite all the effort, the prototype of the vape device was developed only at the beginning of the 21st century, more specifically in 2003. The inventor was a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik. He started work on this topic because of his father, who died of smoking-related health issues. That is why vaping delivers nicotine in a little bit different way – by heating a liquid.

What is essential, in vape juice, there is no tobacco responsible for the bulk of health issues linked to smoking cigarettes.

What’s the difference between vaping and smoking?

As we know, both of these activities focus on delivering nicotine to the body, but the main differences are the additional substances involved in this process.

When it comes to smoking, nicotine is produced by burning tobacco. Vaping, on the other hand, focuses on heating up vape juice and creating vapor. Tobacco is the most vital factor if we want to pinpoint the difference between vaping and smoking.

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Did you know that vaping was invented to replace smoking?

As we mentioned, Hon Lik developed e-cigarette, so there would be a much safer alternative to consuming nicotine. Decades of research have shown that smoking leads to various medical conditions and the substance responsible for them is tobacco. While burning, it produces a lot of harmful chemicals that, over the years, lead to health issues.

What conditions are linked with smoking? Cigarettes can affect practically every vital organ in the body, and the list includes the brain, lungs, throat, heart, stomach, skin, and reproductive system. Tar found in cigarettes can thicken the blood and lead to the development of clots. It also elevates both blood pressure and heart rate, causing numerous heart afflictions. We should also mention that smoking causes the formation of a variety of cancers, which can affect the throat, lungs, stomach, kidneys, testicles, and cervix.

Of course, research focused on the effects of vaping is quite new, but none of it indicates that vaping can have even as a remotely bad influence on health as smoking does.

What is healthier for people around you?

What about bystanders? Which action is safer for people around you? As we know, smoking produces thousands of hazardous chemicals that influence the health of the smoker. But, because those chemicals are found in vapor itself, adverse health consequences will also affect the bystanders who are exposed to the smoke. After all, the term ‘passive smoker’ did not come out of anything!

What about vaping? At this point in time, studies found no indications that passive vaping is harmful. However, that doesn’t mean you can vape wherever you want! You should vape in the same spots where smokers gather and always ask your friends, family, or colleagues if you can vape in their presence. After all, not everyone will like the smell of your e-liquid and the appearance of vapor.

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