Vaping without Nicotine?

vaping without nicotine

E-liquids and vape devices usually are promoted as an effective solution for smokers who can use them to quit traditional cigarettes and slowly phase out their nicotine addiction. But not many people realize that vaping also can be accomplished without this substance! Do you want to learn more about vaping nicotine-free products? Great, then read on!

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What is nicotine?

Before we learn more about vaping without nicotine, we should figure out what exactly is this substance and how it works on human organisms.

This ingredient is an addictive chemical compound found in a tobacco plant. It is described as a stimulant and has mood-altering effects. Nicotine is present not only in vapes but in old-school cigarettes as well. There, it is accompanied by an even worse substance – tobacco. In vape products, we typically see two types of nicotine e-liquids – freebase and Salt Nics. The first version comes with much lower concentrations, such as 3 or 6 mg, and they are absorbed by the body at a slower pace. Nic Salts, however, have much higher nicotine levels and act similar to cigarettes as the absorption of their substance happens within the first 6 or 7 seconds.

Long story short – if you want to buy nicotine-free vape e-liquids, look for freebase versions – they also come with 0 mg of this substance.

Is it safe to vape without nicotine?

The short answer? Yes! Actually, nicotine is the main controversial ingredient in vape juices as it possesses high addictive properties. That is why choosing products without this substance is a much healthier option. Nicotine-free e-liquids contain only vegetable glycol (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavorings, and sweeteners.

Of course, all those ingredients are food-grade, and they won’t cause you any harm. What is meaningful, without the addition of nicotine, you can fully enjoy both the taste and the cloud production of your e-juice.

Why is it beneficial to choose nicotine-free e-juices?

Choosing e-liquids without nicotine can be a truly rewarding experience. Why? There are plenty of benefits! One of the first ones you most likely will notice is the smoothness of your vaping when there’s no nicotine involved. Without this substance, you will not feel a harsh throat hit, which is quite similar to the sensation you get while smoking traditional cigarettes.

The absence of nicotine will also allow you to enjoy the flavors of your vape juices to a much fuller extent, as the nicotine won’t obscure them. It is worth mentioning that nicotine-free e-liquids are cheaper as well. They are available in much bigger bottles than nicotine products, which makes them far more affordable in the long run. It’s a win-win scenario for your vaping experience, wallet, and of course, health!

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Who will enjoy vaping without nicotine?

The first group of people who will benefit from choosing nicotine-free products are ex-smokers. Some of them gradually come down from high nicotine levels to lower ones and then finally reach the moment when they cut this substance altogether from their life. It’s not uncommon that they keep vaping e-liquids without nicotine even for months or years. After all, the habit of smoking can be very problematic to get rid of.

Nicotine-free products also will be a fantastic choice for clients who don’t have nicotine cravings and merely want to enjoy delicious e-liquids without distractions. With 0 mg e-juices, vape enthusiasts will be able to produce impressive vapor and taste the flavors even more vividly. E-juices can be a splendid solution for people with a sweet tooth as well – they can provide a much-needed sugar rush without all the empty calories!

Want to learn how to switch from smoking to vaping and minimize the amount of nicotine consumed? Check out our article!

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