4 vape essentials. What do you need for a vape?

Vvape essentials and basics

So, the time has finally come, and you’ve decided to give vaping a try! Great! We know that the world of vaping may be confusing at the beginning and you may not know much about e-liquids, box mods, sub-ohm tanks or other products. But don’t worry – we will introduce you to all of the vape essentials you may need in the future. 

Vape essentials that you should always have

1. Delicious e-liquid blends

Are you intrigued by all those colourful bottles you see in the vaping shops or in your friends’ hands? These are the e-juices, also known as e-liquids or vape juices. The e-juice fluid consists mainly of propylene glycol, glycerin, solvents and different delicious flavours. More often than not, e-liquids also have nicotine in them, and you can choose varying strengths of this substance. This feature is particularly helpful if you’re trying to quit smoking by replacing it with vaping. Instead of going cold turkey, you can still get your daily dose of nicotine and slowly phase it out, getting rid of the addiction gradually. Vape juices should be poured into the tank of your vaping device where they are heated up. This action allows them to change into the vapour you can then inhale and enjoy. One of the best things about vaping is that you can customize your experience and choose your favourite flavours. On the market you will find thousands of different e-liquids from different brands – some specialize in certain types of flavours and others offer a wide variety of blends to their customers. You will find numerous lines such as Tropical, Fruits, Candy, Sweets, Creamy, Dessert, Sour, Tarts, Drinks, Beverages, Tobacco and others. And if you like feeling refreshed then definitely try out e-juices with the addition of mint or menthol. Of course, all vapers should properly store their e-juices – the best place is somewhere dark and in room-temperature.

2. Vaping device

Perhaps the most important decision while shopping for vaping equipment is choosing the right vaping device. On the market, there are plenty of options. One of the most popular models for the beginners are vape pens or box mods. Vape pens are usually very slim and elegant devices which are well-liked for their small size and high portability. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to vape discreetly. Box mods are larger than vape pods, and they are designed like boxes. Thanks to the bigger size they can fit a bigger battery as well. As a result, users are able to vape for prolonged periods. 

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3. Batteries and charger

Vaping devices can last you a long time, but even they can have their limits. That’s why you will need something to get them going again. Some devices are equipped with a battery charger designed for your vape pen or mod box. You just need to connect them to the USB, and the battery will be full in no time. In other devices, you can simply change the batteries for fresh ones. 

4. Entry-level starter kits

You still don’t feel too sure about your vaping knowledge? Don’t worry – on the market you will find many versions of starter kits (see ours vape starter kits) These are perfect introductory products for the beginners. Thanks to this one purchase you will get all the necessary items you need to start your journey with vaping. Most of the models have built-in and rechargeable batteries, and all you need for beginning your vaping experience is your favourite e-juice, and that’s it. And after you learn more about your likes and dislikes you will be able to confidently upgrade your vaping products to better suit your needs.

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